Colorado Blood Moon

blood moon 5

Full Blood Moon just before total Lunar eclipse this morning over Pikes Peak. :)The moon will be at 100% full at 8:06 AM. We almost made it to the complete eclipse just before it set behind the majestic mountain. 🙂

Thank you Lars Leber Photography for letting me borrow your teleconverter for that added zoom capability on my telephoto lens!
You can buy prints of this moment on my new website in the “Moon” album!
Thanks for sharing the memories with Forrest Boutin Photography!
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blood moon 2 blood moon 3

Did anyone else get up early to see the lunar eclipse this morning? It seems extra special and maybe even a tad eschatological, being that it is Easter tomorrow. If I ever have a better lens in my bag, there will be better moon pictures than this, but I still wanted to share for those who didn’t get out of bed at 0530 on a Saturday 🙂 Happy Easter weekend everyone!


blood moon 4

Hagee’s third of four #BloodMoon over the Gore(y) Range in Summit County, Colorado.Sharing is Appreciated!

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blood moon 1

Blood Moon and Pikes Peak (04/04/2015).Taken during the lunar eclipse this morning. This is one single photo with a Sigma 150-500mm lens from Mark Dabling Boulevard in Colorado Springs.

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blood moon 6
Spent this early AM at the Blue Mesa lake side enjoying the lunar eclipse. Please share! More photos to come…
blood moon 7

~ Little Tahoma Eclipse ~

Here is my contribution to the total lunar eclipse we experienced at 4:57am this morning. Since Chinook Pass had opened yesterday, I decided to leave around 1am this morning and chance the weather to go see what I could see. The Pass was actually fogged in all morning, however it was mostly clear just a little downhill on the West side with a clear view of Mt Rainier.

Boy howdy, these “lunar eclipse shots” take me way too much time to process! The challenge for me was to blend in a solid shot of the moon with a solid shot of the surrounding landscape. I’ve got lots to learn on the front!

All in all, it was a good adventure and was fun to witness another full lunar eclipse.

Thanks for lookin’!……

…..and if you’re interested in how this image was made, please feel free to keep reading…..

In an attempt to capture a descent, single exposure of both the landscape and the moon, I shot at f2.8, ISO 2000, for 2sec. That one was taken at 4:38am. Although the landscape was exposed ok (maybe a little dark), the moon was overexposed. So I had to use a separate photo of the moon I had taken earlier. While the moon was properly exposed in that photo, everything else was very underexposed. The moon photo I used was shot at 3:58am (f/4, ISO 800, .6sec) at 280mm.

I will post in the comments the two photos I used to make this final image. Although the final image may not be the exact result I was striving for, it will have to do. I’m moving on to something besides a “moon-blending” challenge. Haha!

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