Mystery of the Archons: ET Mind Parasites behind Today’s Control Matrix

Snooze 2 Awaken

UFO TV Studios

[SL: I highly recommend this fascinating video as an introduction to what’s REALLY going on in our world today. For even greater insight into this timely topic of topics, see also my recent blog post on the work of John Lash. Also, might this possibly be an Archon skull?]

Were ancient, Bronze Age civilizations taken over by sophisticated, parasitic extra-dimensional entities who manipulate the human mind to this day for their own evil purposes?

Gnostic texts from the time of Christ may hold the key to the greatest conspiracy in ALL human history!

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John Lash on Sophia’s Correction & the Impending Defeat of the Global Elite

Snooze 2 Awaken

Sol Luckman

If you’re unfamiliar with the work of John Lash, scholar of Gnosticism and author of NOT IN HIS IMAGE, I’m including four provocative, challenging and inspirational interviews he gave between 2011 and 2013.

What I find particularly helpful in Lash’s model of comparative mythology is that it both describes the origins of the evil so visibly manifest in our society and shows how it can and will be overcome.

Covered are the following highly interesting topics, among many others:

• The manner in which the Wisdom Goddess, Sophia, alleged by the Gnostics to be one of humanity’s co-creators, became our planet itself;

• Sophia’s accidental creation of immaterial mind parasites called by the Gnostics Archons, who by “infecting” a segment of the human population with an ideology of transhumanism and “Master Race” supremacy, have driven a wedge in humanity. Lash maintains that the Archons are the…

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The Suspense of the Stall

‘…My Intelligence is an instrument, for the one mind. And so is yours. So the raw transmission comes from the one mind. Which is of course the mind of the wisdom goddess herself. Then it comes through the Anthropos depending on the savant sophistication of the human animal that is transmitting it, it is as simple as that…’

the suspense of the stall

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Greetings to the crew of the Gaian navigation experiment. To friends students and allies scattered across time and space and anyone else who cares or dares to listen. This is the GNE navigator John Lash recording in the early hours of the morning, august fifth 2013. This is nav briefing number 80 and the title is “The Suspense of the Stall”.

Its been quite a week for me or however many days have past since the last briefing and some momentous things have been happening which I dearly wish to report to you if I can only remember what they are. Typically, well let me put it this way my friends, whether you’re GNE crew members, whether you have done the Gaian Tantric Wow and you are in the practice of PT, or whether you’re just others who happen to pick up on these talks. There is an negotiation going on here, between the Nav and who ever listens to the nav. So I am not just talking, I am transmitting and these negotiations of power, these transactions of power to use a more correct term.

Belong to this moment in the history of our species there are transactions that can only specifically occur, right now in the conditions of the three years, from march 2011 to march 2014. Some of you will know that on, in the Planetary Tantra there is an introductory page. Let me see if I can find it. Let me point out that anyone who uses a search engine such as google and puts in planetary tantra finds that this introduction page comes up at the top of the entries. Supposedly there are 439.000 results.

There are ways in which you can get yourself on google and there are ways to get your company or your business or your name or whatever in to the search engines so that you are prioritised, as you all know.

I sometimes receive emails from people proposing to do this for me. Well I haven’t done one single thing to get Planetary Tantra at, not only at the first entries, but all of the first entries, all of the first entries, the first five or six entries and then many more to follow, go directly to the planetary tantra section of and I haven’t done a thing to make that happened. It happen because the material is original and it can’t be found anywhere else.

There is only one plays where you find Planetary Tantra and the Sophianic Vision Story, and that is on and

Part of the power of what I am teaching as I learn it. Is the raw, is due to the raw feed. This entire teaching this instruction for the GNE comes on a raw feed out of the enlighten mind of the human animal and that is your mind as well as my mind because there is only one mind.

I have your mind, you have my mind. When you see how I handle my intelligence, make the distinction between intelligence and mind.

I appear to handle our mind differently than you would, perhaps you think I handle it better, more skilfully, its the same mind. Whats difference is that my intelligence is trained so that I can handle the mind.

My Intelligence is an instrument, for the one mind. And so is yours. So the raw transmission comes from the one mind. Which is of course the mind of the wisdom goddess herself. Then it comes through the Anthropos depending on the savant sophistication of the human animal that is transmitting it, it is as simple as that. I have a lot more to say about this, I think in the near future. I have been reflecting a lot of the question of articulation of the goddess wisdom, by human animals.

I have been reflecting a lot on that, during this shift. We are now in the twenty eight day of the Varjayogini shift of 2013.

So to return to my point, the first entry that comes up in google is introducing Planetary Tantra. You click on that and then it says. What is Planetary Tantra?

“Rapturous emersion through desire and imagination in the dreaming power of the earth. It is the most intimate way of bonding with the planetary animal mother, Gaia.” And then it goes on to describe some of the aspects of Planetary Tantra. One of which is the love of power. But not in the vulgar sense. That is to say, having power over others. No, as the introduction says. The love for pleasure is a cosmic impulse, so vast and consuming that it would wreak havoc if it is not balanced with another impulse. The love of handling power. Not the love of power, but of handling it.

tantra is a way of handling power. Especially the power of attraction, mood, mania, inspiration, including any emotion, positive or negative. And finally that little essay goes on to point out that although Planetary Tantra, and there is a beautiful illustration there, of a tantrika, a hindu tantrika women being presenting offering by a king and by a lady in a coloured shawl.

It goes on to say that tough there is no president for Planetary Tantra and that it must stand on its originality, nevertheless there is an ancient tradition called shaktism, which is translated by scholars as the worship of power, shaktism. And so Planetary Tantra is a form of shaktism. When it comes to power, I am getting around to my point here. Because I have been spinning like a top the recent days i think, five or six days.

When it comes to power you always wanna think about instrument. Now you know that, that Intelligence in greek is nous. So, thats a direct translation of the greek word nous but nous also means something like spirit, you know, it translates as the spiritual factor. What is the the spiritual factor of the human animal? Well it is in part your intelligence, in part your imagination and in part your emotion. Those three combined into what might be called the spiritual germ of the Anthropos creature.

Intelligence is not the primordial mind of the Aeon Sophia. The primordial mind of the Aeon Sophia is an Aeonic intelligence, yes. But it is also a mind being that of an Aeon which is for beyond the scope of any human mind. So how then thus the mind and intelligence of the human animal interface with her power, her intelligence and mind in the ultimate sense? That is to say cosmic mind. How thus that interface occur? It occurs through what is called in sanskrit Upaya or instrumentality, Upadana is a another word. It means that it has to be an instrumentality, there has to be a vehicle for that interface to become real.

Now you’re intelligence is not separate from your body nor is it separate from your emotions. So you have a three fold instrument. Your emotional capacity which is a vast range of positive and negative feelings. It includes empathy, it includes hatred. Your body itself which is a miracle of alchemical, physiochemical and psycho chemical elixirs dissolved in water along with some carbon elements. And then your intelligence, what is your intelligence? It is what you have learned, what you are able to learn.

Down at Ambergane house where I have my library. Most of the books are out on shells in different sections of the house. Can actually, its actually walking around in a standing display of the intelligence of John Lash.That is to say not I didn’t get all my intelligence out of those books. But the books show how I trained my instrument. How I trained and honed the instrument of my intelligence You wanna think of yourself as a strata varies violin.

The body or the wood of the violin is your physic body, which has been beautifully tempered. The strings of the violin are your intelligence and the tonality or sound that the violin produces is your emotion. You are like a strata varies violin and so am I and my instrument plays in one way due to the way my instrument has been trained. So the largest section of books in the Ambergane library right now. Is guess what? Literature, poetry, poetics and romanticism.

And so my intelligence has been trained in various ways, but unevenly, there is a diversity in the training of your intelligence, there ought to be. There is great joy in that diversity. So I have had some training in Goethean science, I have had some training in Chinese philosophy, in Daoism, you know, I have had some training obviously in Gnosticism. I have had mass of training in Astrology and Astronomy, you know. I had very little training in horticulture. I have not had training in music. In how to play music or read music or understand musical compositions. I have had some training in history but it is very spotty, mostly ancient history. I have had for instance no training in American history, such as history of the civivl war.

By training you could say learning. Learning training, you know. You’re learning process, you’re desire to learn trains and hones your instrument. And depending on how you’re instrument is honed you translate and transmit the raw drive in your particular way. All of us draws from an original source. Planetary tantra comes from an original source which is the same source upon which the telestai drew for this intel. The gnostic intel comes from one source. It is the paramount and unique source on this planet because the source is the planet itself. Nothing is comparable to this.

We all draw on the same source, Originality has one source and of couch the originator is the source of all originalities, right, all singularities. And ad to it the beauties part is that every single human animal can develop an original style depending on what you have learned and cultivated in the training of your instrument. So my style depends largely on what I have learned in language itself, language is my mistress.

And the vast, the deepest impact of the training that I have done in my life, the learning and self learning has been in literature, romanticism, poetry, and poetics. And is a massive, massive amounts of books in that area. And so you can infer from the style and delivery of an individual person how they have trained there instrument. and all kinds of training are valid, all kinds are valid. In fact this revelation of the mind of the wisdom goddess, the living intelligence of the earth interfaced with human intelligence is so vast and diverse that it can be expressed through account less numbers of instrumentalities and account less numbers of trained intelligence’s and that is what the mysteries where about of course. The mysteries where about of producing this diversity and sending it out to the world. Hence the leaders of the mysteries were the teachers and educators of the ancient races of Europe, prior to the rise of Christianity.

Now having said all that which I never intended to say when I opened this talk. Let me get to the point about power. What we are doing in the GNE is exceptionally powerful and it is becoming more powerful. Now I can tell you that when I do a Nav Briefing such as mama teach manners or the previous one, particularly the “Arretic Proposition” the power of what comes through the instructions that I translate in to that briefing knocks me for a loop. So if you are feeling power on you’re end because you’re in the raw feed with me, that is why you feel this power. The raw feed with me. You know there is a great great saying. One of my favourite sayings of all time and I use yo quote it extensively, I came across it probably when I was nineteen years old.

In the writings of the Chinese mystic Zhuang Zhou. Zhuang Zhou is largely known for his saying one time, he didn’t know if he was a butterfly dreaming he was a man or a man dreaming he was butterfly”.

Anyway I use to steep myself deeply in the writings of these Chinese mystics and as you know I was deeply influence in my twenties by Chan Buddhism and by the ten centuries Chan masters, such as Haungbo and that has a lot to do with my, training my instrument for what I can now do in the GNE and what I can also do as a Tertön and a Nagual as well. Anyway I use to quote this saying from Zhuang Zhou “ The Dao can be transmitted but it can not be received” now this is an amazing statement. “The Dao can be transmitted but it can not be received”. You know, to be proper and to be correct one should not even comment on this saying but I’m going to go a little bit of form and just make one comment, it cannot be received because the transmission that reaches you reaches the transmission in you. Therefore when you receive what I say you’re not receiving anything what you receiving is the style. You receiving my style but what you receive in that style is the same as you transmit yourself through your own style, whatever that style may be.

There is room for everybody in every type of discipline in Planetary Tantra but there is just one fundamental rule. Stay in the story and do not embellish recklessly and narcissistically with the fantastic imagination. The story itself is a product of the true imagination of the human species and when you stay in the narrative rigorously because it is a pleasure to do so, just like it is a pleasure downhill skiing to stay on your feet. Just like it is a pleasure sailing or sale boarding to stay in the wind, to stay at the crest in that wave you stay they are you stay there like that in this story and your capacity for expression of the true imagination grows even sharper and stronger.

So there is a lot of power in the GNE and planetary tantra and to make my point here finally I’m getting around to it. There are moments when I do a Nav briefing and I get totally knocked out by what I’ve said. And that happened with “Arretic Proposition” I basically folded after that talk. So that was I guess seventy eight and then mama teach manners was seventy nine, is that correct? And when did I do “The Arretic proposition? It looks like I did it sometime, I can even tell when. About a week ago say.

Well let me give you a little update on what’s been going on over the past week. First to a bear in mind that the, it was exactly a week ago that I did the “Arretic proposition” and that transmission was so powerful that I was thrown into an altered state and while I can function normally, more or less I mean, you know, I don’t, I just, it’s hard to describe, it’s not exhaustion, it’s just like I’ve been turned inside out, that’s the best way I can put it.

There is a feeling that I have been absolutely turned inside out. So I felt that way for the last week. Do in some measure to having delivered that Nav briefing. But equally so I’ll due to something else, I would have you recall that this is still currently the period between the 21st of July which is the anniversary of the Ronda moment and the eight of august which will be the fifth anniversary of the day that I receive the terma of Gaia awakening.

Okay so this is an eighteen-day period. What is happening in this eighteen-day period is unprecedented. First of all even before the 21st I would say going on two weeks now easily something is happening in the wether here that I cannot understand. I am to use and expression an interesting expression, I am nonplussed I am nonplussed by the weather. For two weeks now with the exception of about a day and a half.

I get up and I go outside and the sky is entirely clear, there’s not a cloud anywhere and there is no sign of an airplane anywhere trough any hour of the day or night and it’s been going on like this for days. And the suspense has been building up particularly over the last five or six days. I’am asking myself: Where does the suspense come from? I’m living in a terrific sense of suspense. It seems to be deriving from several factors, its complex.

First of all it seems to be derived from that tremendous moment of July 7th 2013 when the aeon Sophia coordinated her first and second attention for the first time and broke through into the human mind in some manner which is yet to be realised and revealed.

At the moment that that happened that moment that I did the coast to coast talk. I was still up in Belgium and from that moment on there has been some kind of enormous momentum taking place in this sense that I have in others as well, others among you in the crew writing me telling me the same thing.

Everything feels in some way different, there’s a difference in the air there’s a palpable difference and I’m seeing that difference unfold in a number of aspects, so that’s one of them. The other one is that I am having this extraordinary weather and then I had those two vulture omens, vulture auguries and since then I’ve had two more bird auguries which were totally astonishing.

And all of this is happening here in Spain here in Andalucia. In the Serrenie of the Ronda mountains looking out for the coast of Africa. All of this is happening under the inverted bowl of a sky that is, has some inexplicable property. I think this is the best way that I could put it.

How subjective is this experiment? What is this inexplicable property of the sky mind. The sky mind, because the sky is a revelation of her mind. There is something in the sky there is something happening I don’t know what it is so this is creating a tremendous sense of suspense.

And I have one other human-animal to confirm these impressions with by the way, so I occasionally see Kundrie or she comes up here and we talk about this mean and we look at the sky for airplanes we don’t see any. I mean none! This is the height of tourist season in Spain. For years I am used to sitting on my terrace and looking to the south-southeast around 8:30 in the evening and seeing two flights come out, over the Atlantic probably from tenerife or the Azores or the Canary Islands toward Madrid and Maliga, no flights.

Now I haven’t gone to the Malaga airport site and checked flights to see what flights of the forty flights in hour that come in and out of Malaga to see what flights that would conceivable flying over this era. I haven’t done that. I’ve been tempted to that but I haven’t done that and the one reason why haven’t done that, get this is because I don’t want doing that to cause me to see flights. How subjective is this experiment? So anyway there is another element of suspense I walk out, it’s just like holy moly the skies exactly the same again it’s like the sky is like it’s like a glass bowl that has an opaque frosting on it that gets bluer as you go toward the dome and it just sits there.

And when am I gonna see an airplane, you know. In fact to be precise I have seen two airplanes in the last two weeks, two. One of them I think I saw last Thursday 8.43 in the evening and it was flying along the coast probably from Malaga to Casablanca. It was just a tiny little silver jet plane with a very very short contrail.

Then on Friday for the evening Kundrie made some dinner she brought it up to me cause I am not able to feed myself in this condition and after we ate a bit we sat on a terrace

And there was no planes and but we were thinking about planes and so this is what happened. It was around nine o’clock the sky was perfectly clear and at that time of the evening birds come out sometimes beaters which make a particular sound. Flocks of birds that fly around kind of chaotically over the oak trees and down the hillside off to the right, or on the other hillside up to the left.

And sometimes swallows, for instances at this hour in the local white village in town, there are swallows flying over the roof so if you’re in town having a tapa at some terrace you can watch swallows flying around in the way that they do in the evening you know quite low sweeping down flying in this in this in this excited and and very unpredictable manner as swallows will do.

So we where sitting there and suddenly I’m saying there is a beater, there is a beater, there are two beaters over there. Then slightly the beaters go and there are some swallows. And I say no more than ten. Eight or ten swallows hanging around, you know in a little group. Sort of off the right, not above the house.

We are sitting there looking at the sky and all of a sudden Kundrie says look. And I look up and at a 45 degree angle there is something in the sky. It looks like a silver penn.

It looks like a cylinder and I can’t see any wings on it. And its flying directly over my house, right to left from east to from west to east. Now its extremely rare, remark this because she knows, any airplane to fly directly over my house, they fly to the right and left or toward the south or I can look north and see them but they don’t there’s no direct overflight. This is a direct overflight right to left as we are sitting on the terrace and the terrace is aligned exactly right to left relative to the horizon as you say west to east.

So watch this plain go over, I say: “does it have wings?” And she says: “Yeah I can see wings”

I could hardly see any wings, it just looked like looked like a silver missile.

So then it goes we are sitting there and then the swallows come around and we move out on the terrace sort of sitting under the awning. Sitting right under the sky and I say to Kundrie: “You know I just had this thought, what if she brings back all the birds and all the insects and all the bees, what if they just start coming back massively.

What if they just reemerge and I said to her: “I don’t know why I am thinking that it is a thought that just drifted to my mind

And as I’m saying that the swallows start to fly around and above us and we’re both sitting there looking up from this launch chairs and we looking at these birds. And at first there’s about I don’t know, it is hard to count them when they are flying, but it wasn’t so many, it was the usual appearance of swallows in the evening there are maybe a dozen or twenty but certainly not more than that. And they fly around erratically for a while and then they go off somewhere. Were sitting there looking up and I am saying to her: “ hey look at these birds, look at the swallows, they are flying over us right now and some of them swooping down very low over our heads.”

We proceed to look at the swallows for half an hour and this is what happens. I look up at the swallows. I see them against the background of the clear sky and then something happens as if you are looking at a film and the frame jumps. A couple of frames jump so there’s a break in continuity and the frame jumps and suddenly there are thirty swallows and they fly around really chaotically over our heads and just looking at them and I just get time to marvel at how many there are and the frame jumps again and then there’s fifty and it happened over and over again. And in the course of about fifteen minutes, were sitting there looking up at the sky and there’s a hundred fifty to two hundred swallows swooping around all over directly over the house and swooping down to within teen feet of the terrace.

And Kundrie who was sitting there observe the same thing, in fact at the moment it were happening she remarks to me: “where are these birds coming from?” Doesn’t it look to you like there’s a multiplication of birds right in front of your eyes because other birds were joining the flock of swallows.

But I couldn’t detect where these other birds were coming from. They just seem to come out of nowhere. So this happen on Friday night and we were flabbergasted and totally floored. So then the next day, Saturday was the day of the apogee surge. Remember the apogee is perfectly stalled at two degrees have cancer in the feet of the twins and has been stalled there for almost two months. This was the last moment of the stall on Saturday. I couldn’t stand up on my feet. I slept for teen solid hours.

I was incapable of staying conscious. I just passed out and I told Kundrie,

I said: “You know for the last few days that is to say since I did the “Arretic Proposition” talk, I feel at moments like I’m gonna pass out. I feel like I’m just gonna faint, I am just going to keel over. I am just, I think that I’m pushing the envelope to that absolute limit that it can be pushed. To still be in the tonal, in a normal fashion.”

So I collapsed on Saturday slept all day slept to the to the heat of the day and I woke up around eight o’clock in the evening.

I step outside and walk up on a terrace what do I see. First of all I see this one vulture. Every day now when I get up. I look up and I see this one vulture.

This one vulture has been hanging around for days now and I watch it for a while and then it kind of glides of to the east or glides off to the west but it is as if I must see this vulture the first thing when I get up.

So I woke up Saturday early in the evening. I look out and there’s a vulture up there and guess what.

I’ve never seen this before. The vulture is spiralling in a and guess what’s spiralling with it. A whole flock of sparrows.

What is a vulture doing flying with sparrows? So this last for just a few minutes and the vulture just planes away and plains of in its elegant fashion off into the distance and then the flock of sparrows comes and starts to fly over my terrace.

So I sat down on the launch chair and look up and it did exactly the same thing it did on Friday evening this time I’m alone. There’s a multiplication of sparrows right in front of my eyes and so I’m totally floored I’m in a state of complete bafflement about the absence of airplanes. The total absence of clouds in the sky is very mysterious in fact there was one day when there were some clouds but by the end of the day it cleared and it was once again cloudless.

There were two days in fact when there were some clouds I would say in a sixteen -day period. There were only two days when there were some clouds but they didn’t last long and it wasn’t an overcast layer it was just random clouds here in there and eventually they swept away.

So I am living in the midst of all this. I’m living in the suspense of the stall I am living in the eighteen days until the anniversary of the terma of Gaia awakening and it’s just about all I can handle to just walk around on two feet.

Now I just caught that I was saying sparrows okay.

Did I say sparrows all along? I can’t remember what did I say swallows which is correct and then switch to sparrows? In any case I must correct what I just said of course it was not a vast and strangely multiplying congregation of sparrows it was swallows. And at the moment I was watching it with Kundrie she said to me well it could be that the sparrows are the happiness that you talked about.

I think the recent talk two recent talks the first time represent the first time of the GNE that I talk about happiness. Remember the proposition of happiness is the success for her experiment on her terms happens with the shared happiness of all the subjects of the experiment, its set up that way. It’s set up to succeed in the happiness of all the subjects.

Well as the two of us were sitting on the terrace talking softly about this phenomenon as it was happening. Thoughts of happiness came to my mind and also I thought about this my friends looking at the multiplication of swallows who fly with a rampant happiness, a frenzy of happiness and freedom and delight, of children running around crazily on a playground, contemplating the sparrows and talking softly, I said: “look maybe this is what is interactivity? Maybe this is the beginning of how she shows that she knows that we know what she’s doing? Maybe it begins with bird omens and omens in the sky and changes in the sky?”

You know in any given day I have difficulty answering my email. I read all of your emails and I value them. I truly do on any given day I have difficulty reading emails simply because I don’t have the patience, difficulty of responding to them, excuse me.

Simply because I don’t have the patience it’s not as if I don’t have the time. It is just that i don’t have the patience. You know, the Internet and the computer is too slow for me, it’s very exasperating because when I have to type and click and scroll and drag the mouse around its exasperatingly slow and when I click even if the result of the click is instantaneous it’s too slow for me because I’m traveling at a ferocious velocity and particularly lately considering what I’m undergoing, it is impossible for me to get back to you. But a number of crew members have written beautiful and lengthy descriptions of similar experiences particularly with birds, bird omens seem to be prominent at this time.

Something else that comes as a concurrence and conformation from the crew male is the observation of the silence and the serenity. There is a palpable serenity in the air. The silence has a quality of something like a higher dimension of tranquility. How subjective is this experiment? In what, what is this feeling is this the beginning of all our breakthrough emphatically to her? A breakthrough in which human animals can feel what she feels at the moments when we know what she’s doing that’s what interactivity really is.

It goes beyond just having a description of what she’s doing or what she might do. Into the direct perception of what she’s doing and to have her reach us, reach us in some way through the natural world.

I’m wondering if this is what’s happening?

A number of you have noted in different parts of the world far removed from here that the property of the sky has changed and there’s a deep abiding resonating serenity coming out of the earth itself

So I don’t know, there’s a lot a lot happening and this nav briefing is just my way of catching up with myself as it were and letting you know what’s going on with me before I returned to the theme of the “Arretic Proposition”.

So to conclude this briefing let me cover a few points that I have written down here in notes for the first week of August.

Over the last few days I have been reflecting on the subject matter of ruthless caring.

I made a choice to dedicate a nav briefing to that material, as you know. That material is a subject of a seminar that I did about thirty years ago. As I explained it, it shows a conversions of the tibetan wheel of life, with its schema of the three poisons at the center, six realms and then the surrounding circle of the twelve links in the chain of interdependent origination, into astrological terms.

With that conversion you can place your self in various rounds for instance I’m in that tighten realm if you’re an Aries or Libra your in a demon realm, if you’re a Cancer or Capricorn your in the hungry ghost realm. And none of these realms are preferable to any others, they are just metaphors for behavioural syndromes. And so that was the a subject of the nav briefing entitled “Mama Teach Manners”.

I have to say that I them wondering if it was a mistake to give you that material.

I more or less tend to think so, and so I just want you to know that I have not regrets, but I have some reservations about giving you that material.

Simply because it’s probably superfluous and not helpful. You already have an enormous amount of homework to do, to keep up with the GNE and I don’t think that that ruthless carrying material on the syndromes of behaviour of the astrological signs is particularly pertinent right now, honestly. So I would say that I had a failure of judgment in making that into a nav briefing.

You may disagree, you may like material, you may find it catchy or find it, that it generates some insight or other but of course I’m not able to give it to you adequately, to put it in your hands as you know in a user-friendly form so you can actually look at it and work with it and I’m not going to do that because I think it’s too much and I think it’s a distraction. And I want you to know that you’re really not missing anything if you don’t have that material in your homework pile.

Remember the call sign for tantra mother is VJY651. The six referring to the six-round teaching the five referring to the five skull crown instruction and the one referring to the supreme teaching of Tantra Mother, which is released from pretending.

So I got all that and it came in a massive flash and I wished to share as much of it as I could but I am under the rule of discipline in this practice as much as you are.The rule requires us to be rigorous and not overload the practice with extraneous material. So I have to conclude that that was somewhat extraneous.

Another reflection regarding that last briefing “Mama Teach Manners”. Whatever the relevance today of the ruthless carrying material from that seminar. Who knows one of you could take it up and revive it and upgraded in and make it relevant and make it current and make a useful I’m not precluding that possibility.

But whatever the relevance of that material. It is in my mind second to the other two aspects of her teaching. Everyone in planetary tantra must understand release from pretending.

The behaviours of pretending permeate our world and create enslavement. Tantra mother liberates her children from the enslavements of pretending so that is tremendously important but equally so is the teaching of the five skull crown. As a matter of fact I would say that that is by far the outstanding teaching that comes from Mama teach, to be applied in the immediate future. How would I compare the instruction of the five skull crown initiation to the instruction on the six realms?

This is an important question so listen closely and I’ll see if I can make it cogent. I said regarding the teaching of the six realms which is a conversion of the Tibetan wheel of life that it provides the syntax and a queueing to detect immediately the kinds of behaviour that you’re facing in correction and in none correction scenarios. It is a, there’s a metaphor here probably somewhere that I can’t pull out of my mind. It is like a, it’s a fast-track system to the perception of human behaviour in such a way that you liberate yourself from the entrapments of that behaviour.

You liberate not only yourself but to liberate yourself from the entrapments that come from those who are enacting those forms a behaviour. So when you can read the games, it’s like games people game people’s games people play, it’s like that.

It’s the tantric equivalent of games people play. You might remember well some of you are to young for this but in the sixties there was a big fad over a book by Eric Berne “Games People Play” go look it up. It was an extremely vivid and user-friendly system for detecting behaviours.

Particularly social behaviours and I believe that the term attached to the games people play agenda was transactional psychology. Thats a term from the mid or late sixties.

Transactional psychology concerns what? Let me go see I’m curious. Okay here it is “transactional analysis developed by Eric Berne B e r n e. Transactional analysis is one the most accessible theories of modern psychology, TA as its called was founded by Eric Berne and the famous parent adult child theory is still being developed today.

TA has wide applications in clinical therapeutic organisational, bla bla bla, okay.

When you’re in business, a parent, a social worker and are interested in personal development Erick Bernes transactional analysis theory and all of his followers will enrich your dealings with people and your understanding of yourself. And so this is the field of transactional psychology and the teaching of the 12 realms mama teach manners is a tantric form of shorthand of transactional analysis of human behaviours.

And in that respect its viable it’s viable it’s workable. It is not relevant or pertinent to us now, you can set it aside, you can put it away, you can file it away.

If you’re so inclined, if you find a catchy and helpful and pertinent to say I am in that game, I’m playing the demon game, I’m playing the animal game or someone else’s playing the god game and you read that game and therefore you free up your interaction with that person through reading the game well go ahead that’s fine if it works I can’t provide much by way of supplementary instruction in that area for obvious reasons because I’m totally overwhelmed with what I handling right now

But to move on to the five element in the six five one call sign. Why is the five skull crown initiation more pertinent to the GNE and why is it more, a more powerful instrument of transactional perception then the six round system? Good question. This is the basic theory of five skull crown instruction.

The dakinis of the shakti cluster and the raffle and dangerous guardians of traditional Tibetan tantra wear a crown or diadem of five skulls. Now there’s a particular way to picture this diagram. Imagine that you are standing face to face in front of Vajrayogini.

Her face is at the level of your face. she’s red and she’s wearing this diadem. Now look up at her forehead and look at the diadem of skulls. Let me tell you what you see. First you see centrally a large skull and on either side of that two other skulls.

So there is one skull at the center of the forehead that is larger than the others, directly to the right and left of that are two smaller skulls and then again to the right and left are two smaller skulls.

So what you have is two skulls off a small size on the outside of the diadem, the right and left. Two skulls of a medium size and the central skull which is larger than the other four. Its really important to picture the proportions of these skulls.

What these skulls represent is absolutely brilliant. They represent a metaphor that applies in a literal way to the human mind. Why? Because they refer to the brain. Because what is inside the skull? The skull is a container of the brain. But when you have the skull the brain is gone. Because the brain it’s rather like a soft tissue, it’s like a wet kleenex.

That’s the actual consistency of the live brain. The brain extracted from a corpse hardens and it has the appearance and feeling of a cauliflower, although it is softer than cauliflower. But it appears to be something solid that you can hold in your hands. But if you could reach into your skull right now for your brain or my brain, good luck you would not be able to grasp it because it would run through your hands like saturated kleenex.

So what is this content that is inside the skull, the skull cup, the skull cap?

Well it is the elixir of the brain and what is the elixir of the brain? Well we know now, quite recently in scientific terms that the brain operates by the discharge a crossed the synapses of upwards of twenty neurotransmitting chemicals. These are the elixirs of the brain. So not only is the brain an electrified tissue with electrical impulses, charging and discharging constantly in the billions from axon to dendron. But there is a physical chemical, neurochemical exchange as well and that is the operation of the cerebral elixirs.

The dakinis operate upon these cerebral elixirs and they are actually able to transform these elixirs and to optimise the performance of the neurotransmitting exchanges in your brain. When you are in a state of Dakini instruction or when you’re in a state of cognitive illumination such as I was in, at the Rhonda moment. What happens in your brain is something like a tsunami of surf. Normally what you have in your brain is a light surf. This light surf is the actual neuro chemical charging and discharging across the synaptic gaps in your brain. It is a chemical discharging from axon to dendron and normally it is like a slow easy seizing.

As if you were sitting at the beach somewhere, on a calm day and there’s the entire ocean in front of you. But the ocean is relatively calm and so the, and so the ocean laps up on the beach and it seize gently. And it leaves a light layer of foam, of creamy foam as it withdraws and then it comes again and laps up on the beach.

That is your normal neurochemical discharge across the synapses. When you’re in a state of cognitive illumination. It’s like tsunami wave across your synapses. It’s a rush of monumental proportions and so there is a physiochemical cerebral chemical correspondence to samati and cosmic consciousness as well as to dakini instruction.

Now it is known if you listen to Bruce Lipton or if you listen to the people who are talking about epigenetics and about the chemical nature of emotions. It is known that every emotion has a chemical signature and that the brain is constantly communicating with the body at the cellular level and at the cellular level the cells are also excreting through their pores chemicals and there are chemical exchanges happening with every cell which we experience as emotions.

So it is now known that your hole field of emotions as well as your cerebral cognition is material. Don’t forget that one of the principles of Maya Vada Vedanta, everything is material. Emotions are chemical, thoughts are chemical. The teaching, the traditional Tibetan teaching of the five skull crowns says that the dakinis can transmute the five primary toxic chemical emotions experienced by the human animal into wisdom elixirs.

How this is done is the instruction of the five skull crown which comes directly from Mama Teach. Mamma teach transportation. Mama teach negative emotion change. Mama teach five skull crown. What are these five negative emotions, destructive emotions.

If you go in research it in the traditional sources you’ll find quite a number of variations. I would say at least half a dozen probably more.

They name these five emotional toxins differently. I have been at great pain to find the correct language for these emotional toxins.You know that I’ve said that I never work anything out if I can avoid it. In the fashion of elaborating thought by a male mind process.

The correlations of the mahavidyas and the diamond sky dakinis to the constellations in Planetary Tantra did not come about that way. I did not sit down and work out these correlations, you know. I am not like what’s his name, like many male mind gurus. Yeah Ken Wilber, you know, The Atman project, The Spectrum of Consciousness, Up From Eden, you know

The history of human evolution the development of the levels of consciousness and a trance personal view of human consciousness.

Thats all a huge male mind construction. I don’t go there. I don’t operate in that way. Because I don’t do that I have not been able to arrive at a satisfactory designation a five specific terms for this five specific toxic or negative emotions to be transmuted in this instruction. Until just last week.

Then it so happened that during the shift of Tantra Mother I sat down with a peace of paper and I just wrote them down.

I didn’t think them, I just wrote them down. They came spontaneously and I am most satisfied to tell you that I have finally arrived how what I consider to be a workable syntax for this instruction.

Look again at the face of the dakini standing in front of you. Look at her red face. Look at her gleaming eyes. Look at our full juicy lips and her fangs and then look at the five skull crown.

The central crown the central part of the crown, the biggest skull is envy. To the left which is her right go to the left now.

The smaller skull on the left is pride and a smaller one again on the left is fear but understand that that is not the healthy instinct of fear it is induced or conditioned fear.

For instance there’s a difference between walking down a path in the Grand Canyon having a certain fear when you come to a place where the path is disintegrating that you might fall, that kinda fear is healthy. The fear of someone you see in the parking lot of a shopping mall that you sense to be a predator who is lurking around, that fear is healthy.

The fear of the skull the small skull on the left is induced fear it’s like the fear induced in humanity by the phoney war on terror.

So. induced fear, pride, envy, that is the central skull. Now go to the right. The skull immediately to the right is ingratitude, ingratitude, ingratitude is actually an emotion. An emotional stance or position or an emotional response that is as real and autonomous as gratitude. Everyone knows what gratitude is, well ingratitude also exist, and that is a toxic emotion.

Finally, the smaller skull again at the right side at the limit up the crown, which is guilt. But again this is, guilt is an induced emotion, its induced.

So the two emotions at the the smaller ones, at each end of the diadem are fear and guilt. The two emotions that are directly contingent to envy are pride and ingratitude and those are the five negative emotions.

Now just imagine this. We’ve seen these insanely archontic virtual-reality devices. That science is pushing purely for economic reasons because it creates jobs in sells gimmicks and sells gizmos and also because the arrogance a science thinks that they can do better than the natural world provide.

So you go out and you spend eight thousand five hundred dollars on a virtual reality vacation package. And you come home with the CD which you put in your computer and then you put on your face this, these glasses that are like a you can see through them you just see into them. And you just sit down with this band across your eyes and these earphones and you push a button and you go on vacation in Bermuda in virtual reality right you all know what i’m talking bout.

We are all living in a virtual reality generated by the five negative emotions. And the central one is envy and the reason why that central is because it is reinforced by the archons. Envy is the one emotion that the archons can feel.

It’s the only emotion that they have innately the capacity to feel and envy, their envy locks in very conveniently to envy that human animals can feel.

When you have on the virtual reality cask headset of the five poisons you go around and you do not see the real world of humanity, the divine experiment as it really is. What you see is a archontic replication of that world in which all behaviours are driven by these five negative emotions including your behavior, that of you who is wearing the headset.

Now what you do when you take the five skull crown initiation is that you take that archontic headset which is position in front of your eyes and directly over your ears and you lift it up and you put it on your forehead and you wear it like a crown.

And you take the two parts of it that go on your ears and you raise them of your ears and you put them on your temples and you wear it as a different device on your forehead just like Vajrayogini and other wrathful and protective deities wear the five skull crown on their heads.

And when you wear it on your forehead it immediately is transformed into a Flash Gordon type of device. That allows you to detect envy, to detect pride, ingratitude, induced fear and induce guilt and blast those emotions immediately and convert them immediately into five different wisdom elixirs.

So I am using a kind of science fiction analogy here because I like it, I hadn’t thought of it before, it just comes up. And it illustrates beautifully the power of heightened perception that comes from the five skull crown initiation.

That power enables you to a immediately and instantaneously transmute these negative emotions not only in yourself. But wherever you encounter them with other people. That is how powerful this is.

So I think you can see that even though the behavioural norms and syndromes comparable to transactional psychology, would be very helpful, you know, in liberating social behaviour and liberating attitudes

The teaching of the five schema from Tantra Mother is more pertinent, more relevant, more urgent right now.

That’s why I’m giving you a little preview about the five skull crown instruction and of course this preview wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t provide a glimpse of the five wisdom elixirs that arise by transmutation of these five toxic emotions.

The emotion of induced fear transform into delight. The emotion of pride which carries the destructive sense of entitlement which is a disaster wherever it arises in human relationships is transformed into brutal honesty.

Envy itself is transformed into vera, or the heroic quality of the human animal which can be called intrepidity, to be intrepid, to be intrepid.

Go and investigate this word what does it mean to be intrepid?

Ingratitude is transformed into kindness but a special kind of kindness. Kindness is innate to the human animal but there is kind of kindness that I would call furious kindness. It’s the kindness that kills and this is the transmutation of ingratitude.

And finally guilt. It is a little difficult to put a name or quality or intensity of wisdom that arises by the transmutaion of guilt. Its somewhere between total sobriety and total transparency.

I don’t know if there’s a word that combines those two qualities, sobriety and transparency, but that is the wisdom elixir that arises on the transmutation of guilt.

So this is the five skull crown initiation in a preview and as I said, it is actually an initiation that belongs technically or formally to the realm of Kala Tantra, which is as it were, a module of Planetary Tantra.

And yet this instruction of Kala Tantra of a more advanced stage of Planetary Tantra if you will beyond the general access stage is available to everyone in the general access experience through the instruction of Mama Teach

So I am gonna conclude there because I’m at an hour and twenty minutes in this rather rambling and disjointed briefing. And pick it up soon I don’t know where, I don’t know when this is day twenty eight of the Varjayogini shift. It’s at 6:30 in the morning. I’m on the vigil with the sun rise crescent as I have been for the last four evenings. And I will return to that vigil now to conclude this briefing and get back to you on the next occasion when my powers and my concentration allow me to do so.

Monsanto Eerily Mimics Archon Behavior Depicted in Nag Hammadi Gnostic Texts

John Lamb Lash is an exponent of the practice of mythology. He is principal author of the Marion Institute’s Website,, an inquiry into the contemporary meaning of humanity’s myths and beliefs, and is author of a number of books, including The Seeker’s Handbook, Twins and the Double, The Hero-Manhood and Power, and Quest for the Zodiac.


I find an alarming consortium of dots reaching out from a distant past to converge with synchronistic connecting points to the here and now. From the Archons described in Gnostic texts, to the actions and agenda of Monsanto with its fascination for recreating, or mimicking, the natural world with synthesized versions: fake food, fake trees, fake insects, fake humans, fake weather…etc.

Much has been made of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts, discovered in 1945, Egypt. Vested interests from an entrenched Patriarchy are present everywhere to filter the seeing and hearing of any new findings. Because of this, what was before, survives to us today in a very chaotic and incoherent form, mainly because the bulk of human history, what ever contradicts the manufactured and established paradigm, has been destroyed by the savage barbarity which replaced it. Only skewed snippets flash before our eyes through the adversarial filters of a Christian monopoly.

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Archons, Planetary Parasites?

archons, a site that explores anomalies, theories of conspiracy, and beliefs concerning alternative realities. Alain Gossens, who operates the site with his partner Bruno Michelet, lives in Brussels, and so we were able to meet and talk about mutual interests. The result was a three-part collaboration with articles by Alain on alien predation, and by myself, on Gnostic parallels to Castenada, published simultaneously in English and French.
Karmapolis: We have been discussing the idea that a parasite exists and rules our mind. How can we demonstrate to our readership that this parasite exists and that the idea of “mental infection” is not delusional ?
JLL: Like an infection, the mental parasite would be detected by its symptoms. Malaria, for instance, produces violent symptoms caused by a foreign entity that invades the body. To think clearly about the parasites, we must consider that certain behavior, and certain forms of thinking, in particular religious ideologies, would be symptomatic of an infection or foreign invasion of the human mind.
Karmapolis: What is the nature and the origin of this parasite ? Is it a interdimensional intelligence? Is it possible that it takes an organic form?
JLL: According to the Gnostics, the parasites or Archons, as they called them, originate with the earliest phase of the formation of the solar system, before the Earth coalesced as a planetary organism. Their habitat is the solar system, exclusive of the Earth, moon and sun. They are inorganic forms with intelligence of an electrical nature – cyborgs, as we would say.
Karmapolis: The Gnostic Texts (Nag Hammadi Codices, NHC) describe the Eons and the Archons. To explain it simply to our readership, what are the differences between the Eons and the Archons ?
JLL: In Gnostic cosmology, Aeons or Eons are gods, deities, divinities. They are not creator-gods or point entities, however. They are rather like massive alive, aware, currents. They are the forces that form the central core of the galaxy we inhabit, the Pleroma. Archons are an anomalous species of inorganic beings that arise outside
the Pleroma, in the limbs or arms of the galaxy. They are called Archons (from Greek archai, “elementary, from the beginning”) because they arise first, before the Earth is formed. Their bodies are formed of elementary matter (quantum fields) in a pre-organic state.
Karmapolis: Do you think that the flyers described by Castaneda and the Archons of the Gnostics are really the same thing?
JLL: Yes, I am convinced they are the same.
Karmapolis: What was the personal event that happened in your life that focussed your attention on the idea that a parasite like the Archons, the flyers or some kind of extraterrestrial entities, affect our perception of the universe?
JLL: The sense that something distorts our perception has come to me gradually, not triggered by a specific personal event. However, I did have remarkable experiences from the age of four, such as lucid dreams in which I encountered magical beings who came to assist or teach me, as well as other beings who attacked me. I have been directly aware of both kinds of intervention since that age.
Karmapolis: Do you think that some extraterrestrial beings like the Annunaki or the Grays are the incarnations of this parasite, or that those alien beings are more shadowed or possessed (than us) by this parasite, this predatory intelligence?
JLL: I follow the Gnostic teachings that the primary predatory intelligence facing humanity is the Archontes. I believe that they are identical with the Annunaki and the modern Grays.
Karmapolis: The Gnostics warned us about this predatory creature: they described the Archons and told us how we can be affected by them. Did the Archons create us? What is the legacy they gave us?
JLL: The Gnostics taught that the Archons did not create us, but they are caught in a delusion, and they think they are our creators. One of their main goals is to convince us that they created us – in effect, to get us to think as they do. As far as I know, there is no “legacy” we have received from the Archon ETs. They are inferior to us in will and intelligence, though superior in navigational technology for travelling among the planets, in telepathy and techniques of imitation (virtual reality). I believe that the Archons are identical with the “Watchers” of Enoch, entities who are credited with teaching metal-working and cosmetic adornment to humanity. If the Gnostics were correct, the Archon ETs attempt to take credit for imparting certain skills like this to humanity, but the claim is false, I believe. We ourselves have discovered these skills, but forgotten how, so we are susceptible to accept the explanation of a foreign or alien intervention.
Karmapolis: Do you believe that the Archons can take an organic form to exist? Do you believe for instance that the Archons and the Greys are the same thing?
JLL: In my understanding, the Archons are an inorganic species. Perhaps silicon and mercury, as Kerner suggests. The Greys are cyborgs, resembling human form – or, to be precise, the form of a premature fetus. Gnostic texts decribe the production of the Archon species as an abortion, hence the form of a premature human body. The Archons are only body, they have no soul. Yes, I am convinced that the Gnostic Archons are identical with modern Greys of the embryonic type. Whitley Streiber observed that the Grey ETs exhibit a high degree of neotony – that is, they have the form of an entity that is not fully formed when it is born.
Karmapolis: In their interpretation of Gnostic texts, scholars outline the crucial role played by an individual they call Jesus Christ. This character warned us about the Archons. Is this the same Jesus known from the New Testament ? Why is the message from Jesus contained in the New Testament and in the Nag Hammadi Codices so different? If it is not the same character, is the “Christ” in Gnostic writings a power that possesses some people (such as “prophets”), and is the power described in the NHC texts completely different from the one described in the New Testament ?
JLL: These are big and troublesome questions. Some of the language in these questions reflects the typical confusion, or disinformation, if you will about Gnostic materials. In fact, the name Christ never occurs in the Nag Hammadi Codices, nor does the name Jesus. Rather, there is a recurring code: Coptic XC or XRC (translated CHS or CHRS) and IC or HC (translated IS). For instance, in The Tripartite Tractate (117.10) you find HC in Coptic, and the translators modify this to H(COY)C, “Esous,” then translated into the name Jesus. You can see how far scholars must go to manipulate the codes and make them fit a preconception. Most Gnostic texts use the terms “the Savior,” the “Lord” and the “Revealer,” with no specific mention of Jesus or Christ at all. Scholars who come from a Christian background and consider the NHC to be early Christian writings routinely decode XRC as Christ, or sometimes as Chrest, and IC as Jesus. There is, however, no clear or firm basis for this convention. I am convinced that these codes do not refer either to “the Christ” of Saint Paul or the “historical Jesus” of the New Testament. The codes are used precisely to avoid those identifications. The term “the living Jesus” found in the NHC refers to an inner guide or psychic entity, not a historical person. To Gnostics “the living Jesus” indicated a spiritual force that does not die, hence it could not be a real human person. Jesus Christ in the NT says things that would never have been said by a Gnostic initiate. His words and acts are inconsistent with an illumined teacher from the Mysteries. The Gnostic Christos is not the Christ, the Only-Begotten Son of God, in the theology of John and Paul. The Gnostic Christos is an Aeon, a divine force that does not assume human form. Gnostics denied the Incarnation. In their view, no human person has the privilege to incarnate an Aeon, a Divinity.
Karmapolis: Do you see a tendency (even very small) in the Roman Catholic church to recognize the legitimacy of the Nag Hammadi texts, including the existence of the Archons, or in fact to deny the content and the pertinence, the relevance of the Nag Hammadi materials?
JLL: I see no tendency to recognize the genuine non-Christian character of the NHC, and certainly no tendency to recognize the Archons. Bear in mind that Gnostic teachings attribute Roman Catholic religion (the salvationist belief system) to the deviant mental influence of the Archons. If Catholic authorities were to recognize the Gnostic message, they would be admitting that their belief system is an extraterrestrial implant in the human mind!
Karmapolis: People often compare the importance of the discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts with the Dead Sea Scrolls. As far as you know, can we find in the Dead Sea Scrolls the same warning about the Archons, about the fact that the creation of the universe is a mistake contained in the NHC ? Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls and who wrote the NHC? Were they enemies? 
JLL: Great question. This connection, between the DSS and the NHC, is crucial. To my knowledge no scholar has indicated the cross-references between these ancient texts, but they do exist. Let me elaborate. The DSS do not warn us about the Archons because they were written by an extremist sect who were manipulated by the Archons. The Zaddikim (“Righteous Ones”) of the Dead Sea was a violent, apocalyptic sect dedicated to celestial beings, called the Kenoshim, who appeared to them in shining chariots. Some DSS texts (notably, 4Q405, in the Sabbath Songs) describe the appearance and movement of flying saucer type UFOs exactly as they are described in modern sightings. In short, I am convinced that the sect at Qumran was an apocalyptic cult of UFO contactees, like the suicide cult, Heaven´s Gate. South of Qumran was a Gnostic encampment of a group called the Archontics – who took this name, I believe, because it was their mission to spy upon the Archons who were controlling the Zaddikim. In one Gnostic text, the Apocalypse of James (25.15), the Revealer says, “Jerusalem is the dwelling place of many Archons.” I am certain that many Gnostics from the Mystery temples in the Near East were aware of the intrusion of the Archons. They detected the aliens and their effect, a mental or psychic infection that took the form of religious madness. Jerusalem was highly infected, and so was Qumran. The NHC does not say that “the universe is a mistake.” It says that the world system we inhabit, our planetary system, is an anomaly due to the presence of the Archons who impinge upon life on earth. Gnostic cosmology explains the emergence of the Archons at the cosmic level, so Gnostics understood the origin and behavior of these alien entities. The Dead Sea sectarians were completely duped by the Archons whom they saw as celestial Angels. They believed that the Archon leader, Jehovah, was their creator God. Gnostics viewed these beliefs as religious madness due to the ideological virus spread by the Archons. Several passages in the DSS scrolls refer directly to Gnostics who are considered to be arch-enemies of the Zaddikim. To my knowledge, no scholar has pointed out that the Dead Sea cult targeted the Gnostics in this manner. The Zaddikim wanted to completely destroy the Gnostics. If my theory is correct, we can understand why. One more point: the Nag Hammadi Codices were discovered in December 1945, but their importance was not recognized until the summer of 1947, exactly when the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Readers will of course realize that the summer of 1947 was the time of Kenneth Arnold´s UFO sighting of flying saucers, and the Roswell incident. It is amazing that ancient materials written by an ET/UFO cult, as well as other materials, exposing the nature of that cult, surfaced at the exact moment of the 1947 wave and the Roswell incident. This is truly “cosmic coincidence.”
Karmapolis: Why was the Roman Catholic Church so stubborn, and so reluctant to give access to the Dead Sea Scrolls? Was it the same reaction for the Nag Hammadi materials?
JLL: The Vatican controlled the international team of scholars associated with the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem. These scholars, such as de Vaux and Milik, withheld the DSS materials because they show the true origins of Christianity in a very negative light. The DSS texts reveal that the ideology of salvation in Christianity did not originate with Jesus, but came through the Zaddikim cult. This is a nasty blow to Christian belief in the uniqueness of their religion. With the Nag Hammadi materials, a different team of scholars was engaged. They did not delay or dissimulate. However, it must be noted that the usual interpretation of the NHC is very favorable to Christianity, or made to look that way. Consequently, the NHC are less threatening to Christian faith than the DSS. However, in my radical interpretation of the Gnostic teachings, the message of the NHC is clearly anti-Christian: that is, against the ideology of divine redemption, not against love, kindness, and good works, of course. (But then, love, kindness, and good works are not the monopoly of Christians, are they?)
Karmapolis: Anthropologists like Michael Harner or Carlos Castaneda gave the same kind of description of a mysterious creature: Harner saw in a vision the Maninkaris, a black creature, a mix between a whale and a reptile (pterodactile). These creatures need to hide themselves and are considered by the Indians of Amazonia to be the source of all life on earth. Castaneda describes the flyers as horrible black and huge fishy creatures that eat the consciousness of mankind. Can we compare those creatures? Do you think that they have the same nature?
JLL: No, I don’t find this comparison to be valid. The vision of the Amazonian Indians is probably an ancestral memory of the origins of human life. Gnostic teachings on this matter are similar to those of indigenous peoples who claim that the “first people” came from the skies. This is called panspermia in modern science: the seeding of the human species on Earth from an extraterrestrial source. In the imagination of native peoples like those who initiated Harner, the seeds of life arrive in huge canoes, worms, dragons, and other such forms. This is a way to visualize panspermia. DNA itself can be visualized as a coiling serpent. Castaneda’s description of the flyers refers to a totally different phenomenon, a type of predatory being that is bat-like or dragon-like. Throughout history the dragon has been viewed as a benign angelic figure, even a type of superior consciousness, but the “reptilian” type of the Archon described by Gnostics is different. We must exert some imagination and distinguish the universal dragon “archetype” from the specific form of the predatory alien, the reptilian Archon, called “drakonic” in the NHC.
Karmapolis: Why do you compare the Gnostic knowledge to shamanism? Did the Gnostics engage in research about cognition, and other ways to perceive reality? Did they use hallucinogenic substances like shamans use ayahuasca, peyote or psilocybin ?
JLL: Don Juan says that sorcery (shamanism) is about shifting the parameters of perception. I believe that Gnostics were masters of this practice. They were heirs to a long tradition of shamanism deriving from the indigenous peoples of Europe and Asia going back to Paleolithic times. In Gnosis, the path of heightened perception (to use Castaneda´s term), we see a sophisticated method of shamanism, a kind of high-tech shamanism, if you will. Techniques of paranormal perception were taught and transmitted in the Mystery Schools founded and led by gnostokoi, “those who know about divine or supernatural matters.” According to the “Wasson thesis,” the ritual use of psychoactive plants was the basis of all genuine religion on Earth. Gordon Wasson and Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who discovered LSD, proposed that the kykeon, the sacred potion drunk at the Eleusinian Mysteries, was a mixture of ergot fungus, the organic basis of LSD. Hence, it was a psychedelic potion. Much solid research has been done that supports this idea. Also, the use of psychoactive mushrooms in the Mysteries has also been proposed, based on good research. It is now certain that ancient shamanic cults such as the Mysteries used psychoactive plants to achieve temporary ego death and shift the parameters of perception. I believe that the Gnostics were deeply skilled in the use of psychoactive plants, including mushrooms. However, I have not found any direct evidence of this in the NHC materials.
Karmapolis: Some religions and philosophies state that our material universe is an illusion and a trap and that our consciousness is tangled in an entropic web of deception. If we believe Castaneda, the human being is directed by a consciousness that is not its own conscious mind, but the mind of the predator. This view can sound very dark and pessimistic. What is the way out of this trap, this mess?
JLL: There is really no trap, but there is a confrontation with the Trickster, the alien presence in our own minds. Gnostics did not teach that the world, this physical planet and the realm of the senses, is an illusion or a deception. They taught that it is a deep and beautiful mystery, but we are blocked from entering the mystery in depth and in a lucid way by factors in our own minds. The Archons can insinuate their alien intelligence into our minds, but they cannot control or take over our minds by sheer force. However, if we let ourselves fall under their spell, they can entirely rule our minds. This occurs through our abdication of our own consciousness, not through their domination, however. The way out of the trap is to discern what is genuinely human in our minds, and what is inhumane, stupid, mechanical, blind, imitative – in short, we must understand human potential in order to see how it is distorted and subverted. Imagine, for instance, that you never heard Beethoven´s 5th symphony played as it really is, but only a distorted version with the notes totally deformed. You could only know that the music was distorted if you knew the true, undistorted version. Likewise, we must realize our authentic minds, our true human potential, in order to see how we are deviated. This is the challenge of the predators. I have a little phrase for this situation: I say, Human potential comes in a trickster package.
Karmapolis: The “laws” of nature are based on predation and fear. It is in fact the same thing for mankind, even if it is more subtle. Everything is based on duality and struggle. Is it possible that it is due to the influence or the manipulation of the universe by the Archons or the flyers? Without those creatures, is it possible to think that the world could be different, not dualistic and predatory, or do you think that dualism is in the very essence of the universe with or without the Archons?
JLL: This world, meaning life here on the Earth, is actually not as you describe it. The description you propose is already a result of deviant perception. There is as much evidence in nature for symbiosis and cooperation as there is for predation and fear – far more, in fact. The way the Earth works is a symbiotic miracle, and it is a magical event as well, and so there is no question that it is due to “the influence or the manipulation of the universe by the Archons or the flyers.” The Archons influence the way you perceive the world, not the world itself. The primary power in the world we inhabit is the indwelling divinity of the planet, the Gaian intelligence, called Sophia by the Gnostics. If you are aligned to the Gaian intelligence, you do not see the world as a place of fear and predation, but of beauty, bounty, and magic.
Karmapolis: In the Gnostic tradition, “Sophia” is the divine entity who made a mistake and created the universe and the Archons. How can we find and claim the connection with this originator principle and avoid the contact with the Archons?
JLL: One way to reach Sophia is to surrender to the beauty and majesty of nature, to enter the mystical presence of the Earth. In nature the mystical and physical aspects of reality are merged. Beauty is supernatural. The purpose of Gnostic practices and related shamanic methods was to depart (Fr. sortir, hence sorcery) from the human social realm, shed the filters of conditioning, and commune directly with the planetary intelligence, Gaia-Sophia. I believe this was done through temporary dissolution of the ego with the aid and guidance of sacred allies, such as plant-teachers. There is no way to avoid the Archons, but we can build an immunity to them by strengthening our vital bond with Gaia-Sophia, the living planet. The Archons are aliens who alienate us from Gaia.
Precise language is important in the expression of living cosmology. Precise poetic terms, if you will. The Aeon Sophia did not make a mistake and create the universe and the Archons. She acted unilaterally, without pairing with another Aeon, and projected herself beyond the galactic core. Aeons are formless powers in the galactic core of each galaxy. There are many galaxies in the Universe. Sophia did not create the Universe, she emanated the world order we experience as the triple system: sun-moon-earth. Sophia did not make a mistake, but she exaggerated her involvement in her emanation, her Dreaming. Hence, she herself became embodied in her Dreaming. This is a rare event, not typical of the way Aeons operate. As a side effect of her excessive involvement in her Dreaming, Sophia plunged from the galactic core. (Imagine a surge or spike of luminous, foam-like matter from the galactic core into the encircling arms.) The impact she made on the elementary matter in the galactic arms produced an inorganic species, the Archons. The Archons then proceeded to fabricate an inorganic planetary system, a clockwork mechanism. The Earth, the living planet that embodies Sophia, was then captured in that lifeless system. This is the “mistake” – or, better said, the anomaly of our world system.
Karmapolis: In the Gnostic tradition, as I understand it, Sophia (wisdom) is not the only “Godhead” or source of eternity and perfection. Can we compare Sophia to a very sophisticated and elaborate advanced being, some kind of super extraterrestrial intelligence? Or must we admit that the source of everything is not an unique entity but more a polytheistic concept ?
JLL: In Gnostic cosmology, Sophia is an Aeon, a divinity at the cosmic level, but she is not alone. She is part of a company of Aeons, the gods of the Pleroma or Fullness. There are many Pleromas, many galaxies, in the Universe. The Gnostic myth of the Fallen Goddess is about our galaxy and our planet, not the entire Universe. If we do not know what´s happening here, locally, how can we know what´s happening anywhere else in the universe? The test is, to get our story straight, and then go into the larger story.
Due to the peculiar intensity of her Dreaming, Sophia came to be embodied in the planet earth and so She is, for us who inhabit the Earth, the very godhead in which we live. She is the true, living Matrix. Sophia is the Godhead of Nature, theologically speaking. What is She like? This is something we must come to understand by practices, through a path of sacred learning, Gnosis. All the Mysteries were dedicated to knowing Gaia and serving the higher intelligence of the Aeon Sophia. The “source of everything” is a Mystery. Why speculate on what we cannot know when we face the adventure of exploring what we can know?
Karmapolis: Despite the bad rumors and perception around conspiracy theories, what do you think about the other conception of parasitism represented by Branton, David Icke, and the zulu shaman Credo Mutwa, who deeply believe that the parasite is in fact a reptilian entity and that this entity shadows or invades the bodies of the rulers of this world, people like George Bush ?
JLL: I think that we need to train our imaginations to detect the presence of alien entities, and distinguish what is real from what is fantasy. The alchemists had a rule: Proceed according to nature, observing the workings of nature, and perform the Great Work with the true powers of imagination, not with fantasy thinking. This is a matter of discipline we face on the path of heightened perception. I believe that some indigenous sources such as Credo Mutwa have valid things to say about the Archons. At the same time, I suspect that the reptilian scenario is blown out of proportion due to fantasy thinking and mental manipulation. As far as I know, the alien predators called Archons by the Gnostics can take two forms, embryonic (the Grey ETs) and drakonic, a reptilian type, but they cannot and do not possess the bodies of human beings.
There is an element of common sense that must be maintained in considering paranormal and supernatural phenomena. George Bush does not have to be a reptilian to be a monster. We need to recognize that human beings can act in monstrous ways because they are deviated by the reptilian predators, without adopting the fantasy that they are actually turned into reptilians. To me the scenario proposed by Icke and others gives too much power to the predators. How then, can Icke and his witnesses offer first-hand evidence of reptilian shapeshifting? Well, perception is a construct. All perception. Bear in mind that the Archons are masters of virtual reality. In Coptic (the language of the NHC) this is called HAL, “simulation”. Gnostic texts say that the Archons “abduct souls by night.” This is done through virtual reality, VR simulation techniques. Of course, the “VR” of the Archons is as real for them as our earth reality is for us. The difference is, we cannot interact symbiotically with VR. The other difference is, the Archons manipulate inorganic quantum fields, but we manipulate the perceptual bands that shape those fields. Gnostics taught that we are superior to the Archons in thought, perception, and intention.
I would say that these reports are existentially true: the witnesses have perceived shapeshifting, but the perception is an effect of the reptilian powers of VR rather than a genuine phenomenon, an event in nature. Serpents are born from eggs, and they shed skins. This is what nature shows us, and it can tell us something about how reptilians behave if we approach this matter with genuine imagination and not fantasy.
Karmapolis: Some authors (like Paul Von Ward) denounce YHVH or Yahveh as an advanced being, an extraterrestrial entity who wants to rule our world with not really pure and nice intentions. Do you believe that YHVH is an Archon or the representative of the Archons?
JLL: Gnostic texts clearly state that Jehovah is the “Lord Archon,” a reptilian type of alien predator who dominates the hive-mentality of the embryonic or Grey aliens. Jehovah, whom the Gnostics called Yaldabaoth, is truly an extraterrestrial being whose realm is the planetary system independent of the earth, sun and moon. He is not an “advanced being” (i.e., more evolved than humans) but a demented alien with certain superhuman or deific powers. Gnostics taught that Jehovah infects humanity with the belief that he is their creator god, but in fact he cannot create anything. The NHC is very clear that Jehovah-Yaldabaoth is the commander of the Archon species.
Karmapolis: The Gnostics denounce the role of the Archons. Did you find the same kind of warning in other religious traditions ?
JLL: No, I can’t say that I have found this information so clearly and thoroughly stated in other religious traditions. Bear in mind that Gnosis was a path of knowledge, not a religion. The Mysteries were schools of paranormal knowledge, not religious institutions. I am convinced that all religion is a deviant from human potential, but the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are potentially lethal. They lead to terminal deviation of our species. You will not find any religion that warns you that it is dangerous to your mental health and your physical survival. Gnostics saw in salvationist religion both the evidence and instrument of alien intrusion.
Karmapolis: The Gnostic teachings and the Mysteries Schools are the same thing, in our view. Conspiracy theorists like Springmeier and Icke believe that satanic rituals came from mystery schools and think that Mystery Schools are the roots of Satanic and ritual abuses, the Illuminati and the Masonic tradition. How and why do those authors make the relation between mysteries schools, Illuminism and Satanism? Why do they denounce with so much violence both the the Gnostic and Mysteries Schools and Roman Catholic religion, when we know that the Gnostics were persecuted by the Roman Catholics?
JLL: Icke and other conspiracy theorists who propose alien intervention are unfamiliar with the Mysteries, I suspect, for two reasons: first, they do not have direct experience of ego death and instruction by the Light comparable to the experience in the Mysteries, and second, they cannot distinguish the methods and motives of the Illuminati from the genuine Gnostics. The Illuminati were deranged initiates, who had deep knowledge of Mystery practices but misused it to acquire social and political power. The Mystery Schools were not training camps for Illuminati, as Icke believes. This is a grave error on his part. Due to lack of direct experience, Icke and the others are unable to realize that adepts of the Serpent Power (Kundalini) were directly opposed to the Illuminati who made a pact with the reptilian powers. As I have explained in my articles, we are given Kundalini as the force to repel alien intrusion. The benign, healing Serpent is not a reptilian entity but an innate component of our divine biological inheritance. Speculation and research (even research as good as Icke´s) cannot teach us to make such distinctions. Only direct experience can.
Illuminati were strictly forbidden to participate in the Mysteries, once they had been detected. In other words, the Illuminati were practitioners of occult sciences (mainly, imprinting and mind control) who had to be expelled from the Mysteries… but this is a story (an extremely important story, I might add) of which Icke and the others seem to be totally ignorant.
Karmapolis: What are the conceptions of heaven and hell in Gnostic terms?
JLL: There is no conception of heaven and hell in Gnostic teachings.
Karmapolis: Clive Prince and Lynn Pycknett in a book called “The Stargate Conspiracy” denounce the fact that with the New Age, global manipulation will create a syncretism (a mix of Buddhism, Hinduism, and the three religions of the Book), a new one world religion based on old Egyptian cult and the worship of the “Council of the 9.” In this new religion, we find the book the “Keys of Enoch” and people like James Hurtak and Andrea Puharich, the order of Melchisedech (that we find also in the Mormon cult). What do you think about this? Is it another manipulation from the Archons?
JLL: I think all this is a fantasy shared by people desperate for power and spiritual status, and some elements of these scenarios may be affected by Archontic deviation. The challenge in facing the alien Tricksters is to discern what is really deviant and dangerous, by contrast to mere folly and foolishness. There is a lot of foolishness in new world order conspiracy theories. There is a lot of spiritual phoniness and pretence among people who channel “the council of the Nine.” This has been going on for many years now… The problem here is, the fantasy material is like quicksand: you just sink into it and you cannot crawl out. With the clear and precise indications given by Gnostics about the Archons, we can begin to see what is happening in our minds and correct the madness – although we must do this one by one, individually, for we cannot correct the madness in the minds of others.
June 2005 Brussels
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