Western Hotel: Old Time Hookers and Hauntings

western hotel

On Seventh Avenue near Second Street is the Western Hotel, the largest wooden structure in Ouray. Built in 1892, the hotel was originally called “Holt and Foster” after the owners and it billed itself as the “miner’s palace, 43 sleeping rooms, three toilets, one bathtub, electric lights, saloon and game rooms.” The Western Hotel as also at the end of the red light district which ran down Second Street. The Clipper, Bon Ton, Bird Cage, Monte Carlo, Temple of Music, Morning Star and Gold Belt offered liquor, gambling, sex, dancing and music. About 100 girls operated out of the area.

Western_Hotel2-_Ouray-_1885-379x507Circa 1885

Ouray: Historic Western Hotel: “Terror-ific? Yes, but just because of all the GHOSTS!”
April 14, 2003:  A TripAdvisor Member, Longmont, CO

Wow, maybe the season makes the difference, because last August my Husband and I had the best experience of our lives at the Historic
Western Hotel. We checked in around 1:00 and was greated immediatley by a very helpful girl behind the counter. We were showed up to our
room (which was only $35, by the way) and walking up the stairs and down the hall, we creaked and squeaked all the way there… It was
CLASSIC! We felt like we were in one of those old western movies! When we got to our room, we were delighted to see that there were no
phones, contributing even more to our back in time feel. We were told that our shared restroom was down the hall (there are two suites @
about $60 with their own, but come on! where is your sense of adventure!) and when we got there, we were delighted to find an old clawfoot tub
and those hot/cold two fixture fausets!

I think the best part of our stay was when we found the guest book in our nightstand. In it we read all the stories of past visitors and how they
encountered ghosts at night 🙂 All of this swept me away and I had vivid dreams of ghosts walking in the hallway woke up in the middle of the
night with my heart pounding! It was terror-ific!!!

We loved our stay and plan on going back soon, If you go, be sure to eat downstairs in the restaurant, it’s inexpensive and the food was great!


…….A mysterious face painted on the bar room floor of the historic Western Hotel’s saloon.

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