Tips for the perfect spray tan

elevate day spa 2

Elevate Day Spa

Tips for the perfect spray tan:
*exfoliate the entire body focusing on dry spots
* don’t apply any makeup or lotions to the skin
* wear loose clothing

*don’t shower for at least 5 hours OR even better wear the solution over night
*avoid exercise, water and sweating right after application
*keep the skin heavily moisturized and avoid excess bathing.
*avoid all skin care products with exfoliating benefits
*don’t get a sun burn! You can tan naturally over the solution but if your skin starts to peel you will be two toned.

Special through April 15th – spray tan with extender for $30

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Easter Sunday Brunch

Cavallo's restaurant

Plan on Cavallo’s Restaurant for Easter Brunch. We will be open regular hours from 7 AM – 2 PM.

Easter Brunch Specials Menu

French Toast – layered with strawberry cream cheese, banana cream cheese, house made whipped cream, blueberry reduction and 2 strips of bacon – 13.5
Tomatoes stuffed and baked with a shrimp, crab and smoked catfish dressing, topped with 2 poached eggs, served with asparagus and a roasted red pepper cream sauce – 16

Bird in a Nest – Puff pastry cup filled with pulled chicken, duck and turkey in a warm mushroom & tarragon cream sauce with a poached egg – 14.5
Easter Bunny shaped chocolate chip pancake with a bacon bow tie for the kids – 6

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bon ton easter brunche

Make your reservations now if your restaurant of choice for Easter Brunch is The Bon Ton Restaurant. 

Next week is Easter! Don’t forget to reserve your table to join us for brunch! Also, next week, on the 8th, we will be closing for 2 weeks, which also sadly means the end of pasta night and pizza night. So, come see us this week and get your fill before the season is over!!

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The Alpha

wolf pack fight


Cowboy with a Camera

This image here is a capture of captive gray(timber) wolves in Parc Omega. It is amazing to watch these beautiful animals display their pack hierarchy. This image was captured during the wolves breading period so the alpha male must make sure he maintaining the dominant role in the pack. Sometimes it is just a walk past, showing dominance with his body language or facial gestures but sometimes he must do more. These interactions are usually extremely fast because usually the less dominant wolf will usually back down. Then it is back to being a pack and working together, what amazing animals!  Thanks for viewing and feel free to share.

If you are interested in prints of any images that I have taken feel free to check out my website or send me an email at

Signs of Spring on Main Street

IMG_20150327_174411 IMG_20150327_174529

Original Ore Tram Car From Sutton Mill at Bear Creeks Falls Circa 1926

Across Bear Creek Falls are the remains of Sutton Mill. It was built by Jim and Bill Slick in 1926 and had a 100-ton capacity. The mill was mostly destroyed by fire in 1892. The mine itself is across the canyon at an altitude of 10,595 feet and was connected to the mill by a 2,700-foot aerial tramway. Other access to the mine was from Mineral Farm off the Camp Bird Road. The mine had four working levels with most work done in teh 1920’s out of the Barber Tunnel, which was the one connected to the mill. The mine produced pyrite, lead, copper, silver and some gold and has been worked off and on by several groups.


Wildlife in Ouray

wistle pig today in ouray

Wildlife in Ouray includes chipmunks (they will eat out of your hand at Box Canyon Park), marmots or “whistle pigs” (they look like large groundhogs), ptarmigan, squirrels, beaver, skunks, porcupines, rabbits, bobcats, deer, elk and mountain sheep. Less frequently seen are black bear, mountain lions, wolves and coyotes. Deer and elk are seen mostly in early morning and at dusk. In the  summer they inhabit the high grassy meadows, but as winter approaches the herds move to lower elevations. They can commonly be seen alongside (and sometimes in) the road during the winter.

FJ Summit

fj summit 3

The countdown is on for the Ninth Annual FJ Summit!

Registration opens on Saturday, Mar 28th, 2015, and fills rapidly so be sure to bookmark this site and check back often for official information, schedules, and announcements. We look forward to seeing all of you in July!

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