Archons, Planetary Parasites?

archons, a site that explores anomalies, theories of conspiracy, and beliefs concerning alternative realities. Alain Gossens, who operates the site with his partner Bruno Michelet, lives in Brussels, and so we were able to meet and talk about mutual interests. The result was a three-part collaboration with articles by Alain on alien predation, and by myself, on Gnostic parallels to Castenada, published simultaneously in English and French.
Karmapolis: We have been discussing the idea that a parasite exists and rules our mind. How can we demonstrate to our readership that this parasite exists and that the idea of “mental infection” is not delusional ?
JLL: Like an infection, the mental parasite would be detected by its symptoms. Malaria, for instance, produces violent symptoms caused by a foreign entity that invades the body. To think clearly about the parasites, we must consider that certain behavior, and certain forms of thinking, in particular religious ideologies, would be symptomatic of an infection or foreign invasion of the human mind.
Karmapolis: What is the nature and the origin of this parasite ? Is it a interdimensional intelligence? Is it possible that it takes an organic form?
JLL: According to the Gnostics, the parasites or Archons, as they called them, originate with the earliest phase of the formation of the solar system, before the Earth coalesced as a planetary organism. Their habitat is the solar system, exclusive of the Earth, moon and sun. They are inorganic forms with intelligence of an electrical nature – cyborgs, as we would say.
Karmapolis: The Gnostic Texts (Nag Hammadi Codices, NHC) describe the Eons and the Archons. To explain it simply to our readership, what are the differences between the Eons and the Archons ?
JLL: In Gnostic cosmology, Aeons or Eons are gods, deities, divinities. They are not creator-gods or point entities, however. They are rather like massive alive, aware, currents. They are the forces that form the central core of the galaxy we inhabit, the Pleroma. Archons are an anomalous species of inorganic beings that arise outside
the Pleroma, in the limbs or arms of the galaxy. They are called Archons (from Greek archai, “elementary, from the beginning”) because they arise first, before the Earth is formed. Their bodies are formed of elementary matter (quantum fields) in a pre-organic state.
Karmapolis: Do you think that the flyers described by Castaneda and the Archons of the Gnostics are really the same thing?
JLL: Yes, I am convinced they are the same.
Karmapolis: What was the personal event that happened in your life that focussed your attention on the idea that a parasite like the Archons, the flyers or some kind of extraterrestrial entities, affect our perception of the universe?
JLL: The sense that something distorts our perception has come to me gradually, not triggered by a specific personal event. However, I did have remarkable experiences from the age of four, such as lucid dreams in which I encountered magical beings who came to assist or teach me, as well as other beings who attacked me. I have been directly aware of both kinds of intervention since that age.
Karmapolis: Do you think that some extraterrestrial beings like the Annunaki or the Grays are the incarnations of this parasite, or that those alien beings are more shadowed or possessed (than us) by this parasite, this predatory intelligence?
JLL: I follow the Gnostic teachings that the primary predatory intelligence facing humanity is the Archontes. I believe that they are identical with the Annunaki and the modern Grays.
Karmapolis: The Gnostics warned us about this predatory creature: they described the Archons and told us how we can be affected by them. Did the Archons create us? What is the legacy they gave us?
JLL: The Gnostics taught that the Archons did not create us, but they are caught in a delusion, and they think they are our creators. One of their main goals is to convince us that they created us – in effect, to get us to think as they do. As far as I know, there is no “legacy” we have received from the Archon ETs. They are inferior to us in will and intelligence, though superior in navigational technology for travelling among the planets, in telepathy and techniques of imitation (virtual reality). I believe that the Archons are identical with the “Watchers” of Enoch, entities who are credited with teaching metal-working and cosmetic adornment to humanity. If the Gnostics were correct, the Archon ETs attempt to take credit for imparting certain skills like this to humanity, but the claim is false, I believe. We ourselves have discovered these skills, but forgotten how, so we are susceptible to accept the explanation of a foreign or alien intervention.
Karmapolis: Do you believe that the Archons can take an organic form to exist? Do you believe for instance that the Archons and the Greys are the same thing?
JLL: In my understanding, the Archons are an inorganic species. Perhaps silicon and mercury, as Kerner suggests. The Greys are cyborgs, resembling human form – or, to be precise, the form of a premature fetus. Gnostic texts decribe the production of the Archon species as an abortion, hence the form of a premature human body. The Archons are only body, they have no soul. Yes, I am convinced that the Gnostic Archons are identical with modern Greys of the embryonic type. Whitley Streiber observed that the Grey ETs exhibit a high degree of neotony – that is, they have the form of an entity that is not fully formed when it is born.
Karmapolis: In their interpretation of Gnostic texts, scholars outline the crucial role played by an individual they call Jesus Christ. This character warned us about the Archons. Is this the same Jesus known from the New Testament ? Why is the message from Jesus contained in the New Testament and in the Nag Hammadi Codices so different? If it is not the same character, is the “Christ” in Gnostic writings a power that possesses some people (such as “prophets”), and is the power described in the NHC texts completely different from the one described in the New Testament ?
JLL: These are big and troublesome questions. Some of the language in these questions reflects the typical confusion, or disinformation, if you will about Gnostic materials. In fact, the name Christ never occurs in the Nag Hammadi Codices, nor does the name Jesus. Rather, there is a recurring code: Coptic XC or XRC (translated CHS or CHRS) and IC or HC (translated IS). For instance, in The Tripartite Tractate (117.10) you find HC in Coptic, and the translators modify this to H(COY)C, “Esous,” then translated into the name Jesus. You can see how far scholars must go to manipulate the codes and make them fit a preconception. Most Gnostic texts use the terms “the Savior,” the “Lord” and the “Revealer,” with no specific mention of Jesus or Christ at all. Scholars who come from a Christian background and consider the NHC to be early Christian writings routinely decode XRC as Christ, or sometimes as Chrest, and IC as Jesus. There is, however, no clear or firm basis for this convention. I am convinced that these codes do not refer either to “the Christ” of Saint Paul or the “historical Jesus” of the New Testament. The codes are used precisely to avoid those identifications. The term “the living Jesus” found in the NHC refers to an inner guide or psychic entity, not a historical person. To Gnostics “the living Jesus” indicated a spiritual force that does not die, hence it could not be a real human person. Jesus Christ in the NT says things that would never have been said by a Gnostic initiate. His words and acts are inconsistent with an illumined teacher from the Mysteries. The Gnostic Christos is not the Christ, the Only-Begotten Son of God, in the theology of John and Paul. The Gnostic Christos is an Aeon, a divine force that does not assume human form. Gnostics denied the Incarnation. In their view, no human person has the privilege to incarnate an Aeon, a Divinity.
Karmapolis: Do you see a tendency (even very small) in the Roman Catholic church to recognize the legitimacy of the Nag Hammadi texts, including the existence of the Archons, or in fact to deny the content and the pertinence, the relevance of the Nag Hammadi materials?
JLL: I see no tendency to recognize the genuine non-Christian character of the NHC, and certainly no tendency to recognize the Archons. Bear in mind that Gnostic teachings attribute Roman Catholic religion (the salvationist belief system) to the deviant mental influence of the Archons. If Catholic authorities were to recognize the Gnostic message, they would be admitting that their belief system is an extraterrestrial implant in the human mind!
Karmapolis: People often compare the importance of the discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts with the Dead Sea Scrolls. As far as you know, can we find in the Dead Sea Scrolls the same warning about the Archons, about the fact that the creation of the universe is a mistake contained in the NHC ? Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls and who wrote the NHC? Were they enemies? 
JLL: Great question. This connection, between the DSS and the NHC, is crucial. To my knowledge no scholar has indicated the cross-references between these ancient texts, but they do exist. Let me elaborate. The DSS do not warn us about the Archons because they were written by an extremist sect who were manipulated by the Archons. The Zaddikim (“Righteous Ones”) of the Dead Sea was a violent, apocalyptic sect dedicated to celestial beings, called the Kenoshim, who appeared to them in shining chariots. Some DSS texts (notably, 4Q405, in the Sabbath Songs) describe the appearance and movement of flying saucer type UFOs exactly as they are described in modern sightings. In short, I am convinced that the sect at Qumran was an apocalyptic cult of UFO contactees, like the suicide cult, Heaven´s Gate. South of Qumran was a Gnostic encampment of a group called the Archontics – who took this name, I believe, because it was their mission to spy upon the Archons who were controlling the Zaddikim. In one Gnostic text, the Apocalypse of James (25.15), the Revealer says, “Jerusalem is the dwelling place of many Archons.” I am certain that many Gnostics from the Mystery temples in the Near East were aware of the intrusion of the Archons. They detected the aliens and their effect, a mental or psychic infection that took the form of religious madness. Jerusalem was highly infected, and so was Qumran. The NHC does not say that “the universe is a mistake.” It says that the world system we inhabit, our planetary system, is an anomaly due to the presence of the Archons who impinge upon life on earth. Gnostic cosmology explains the emergence of the Archons at the cosmic level, so Gnostics understood the origin and behavior of these alien entities. The Dead Sea sectarians were completely duped by the Archons whom they saw as celestial Angels. They believed that the Archon leader, Jehovah, was their creator God. Gnostics viewed these beliefs as religious madness due to the ideological virus spread by the Archons. Several passages in the DSS scrolls refer directly to Gnostics who are considered to be arch-enemies of the Zaddikim. To my knowledge, no scholar has pointed out that the Dead Sea cult targeted the Gnostics in this manner. The Zaddikim wanted to completely destroy the Gnostics. If my theory is correct, we can understand why. One more point: the Nag Hammadi Codices were discovered in December 1945, but their importance was not recognized until the summer of 1947, exactly when the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Readers will of course realize that the summer of 1947 was the time of Kenneth Arnold´s UFO sighting of flying saucers, and the Roswell incident. It is amazing that ancient materials written by an ET/UFO cult, as well as other materials, exposing the nature of that cult, surfaced at the exact moment of the 1947 wave and the Roswell incident. This is truly “cosmic coincidence.”
Karmapolis: Why was the Roman Catholic Church so stubborn, and so reluctant to give access to the Dead Sea Scrolls? Was it the same reaction for the Nag Hammadi materials?
JLL: The Vatican controlled the international team of scholars associated with the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem. These scholars, such as de Vaux and Milik, withheld the DSS materials because they show the true origins of Christianity in a very negative light. The DSS texts reveal that the ideology of salvation in Christianity did not originate with Jesus, but came through the Zaddikim cult. This is a nasty blow to Christian belief in the uniqueness of their religion. With the Nag Hammadi materials, a different team of scholars was engaged. They did not delay or dissimulate. However, it must be noted that the usual interpretation of the NHC is very favorable to Christianity, or made to look that way. Consequently, the NHC are less threatening to Christian faith than the DSS. However, in my radical interpretation of the Gnostic teachings, the message of the NHC is clearly anti-Christian: that is, against the ideology of divine redemption, not against love, kindness, and good works, of course. (But then, love, kindness, and good works are not the monopoly of Christians, are they?)
Karmapolis: Anthropologists like Michael Harner or Carlos Castaneda gave the same kind of description of a mysterious creature: Harner saw in a vision the Maninkaris, a black creature, a mix between a whale and a reptile (pterodactile). These creatures need to hide themselves and are considered by the Indians of Amazonia to be the source of all life on earth. Castaneda describes the flyers as horrible black and huge fishy creatures that eat the consciousness of mankind. Can we compare those creatures? Do you think that they have the same nature?
JLL: No, I don’t find this comparison to be valid. The vision of the Amazonian Indians is probably an ancestral memory of the origins of human life. Gnostic teachings on this matter are similar to those of indigenous peoples who claim that the “first people” came from the skies. This is called panspermia in modern science: the seeding of the human species on Earth from an extraterrestrial source. In the imagination of native peoples like those who initiated Harner, the seeds of life arrive in huge canoes, worms, dragons, and other such forms. This is a way to visualize panspermia. DNA itself can be visualized as a coiling serpent. Castaneda’s description of the flyers refers to a totally different phenomenon, a type of predatory being that is bat-like or dragon-like. Throughout history the dragon has been viewed as a benign angelic figure, even a type of superior consciousness, but the “reptilian” type of the Archon described by Gnostics is different. We must exert some imagination and distinguish the universal dragon “archetype” from the specific form of the predatory alien, the reptilian Archon, called “drakonic” in the NHC.
Karmapolis: Why do you compare the Gnostic knowledge to shamanism? Did the Gnostics engage in research about cognition, and other ways to perceive reality? Did they use hallucinogenic substances like shamans use ayahuasca, peyote or psilocybin ?
JLL: Don Juan says that sorcery (shamanism) is about shifting the parameters of perception. I believe that Gnostics were masters of this practice. They were heirs to a long tradition of shamanism deriving from the indigenous peoples of Europe and Asia going back to Paleolithic times. In Gnosis, the path of heightened perception (to use Castaneda´s term), we see a sophisticated method of shamanism, a kind of high-tech shamanism, if you will. Techniques of paranormal perception were taught and transmitted in the Mystery Schools founded and led by gnostokoi, “those who know about divine or supernatural matters.” According to the “Wasson thesis,” the ritual use of psychoactive plants was the basis of all genuine religion on Earth. Gordon Wasson and Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who discovered LSD, proposed that the kykeon, the sacred potion drunk at the Eleusinian Mysteries, was a mixture of ergot fungus, the organic basis of LSD. Hence, it was a psychedelic potion. Much solid research has been done that supports this idea. Also, the use of psychoactive mushrooms in the Mysteries has also been proposed, based on good research. It is now certain that ancient shamanic cults such as the Mysteries used psychoactive plants to achieve temporary ego death and shift the parameters of perception. I believe that the Gnostics were deeply skilled in the use of psychoactive plants, including mushrooms. However, I have not found any direct evidence of this in the NHC materials.
Karmapolis: Some religions and philosophies state that our material universe is an illusion and a trap and that our consciousness is tangled in an entropic web of deception. If we believe Castaneda, the human being is directed by a consciousness that is not its own conscious mind, but the mind of the predator. This view can sound very dark and pessimistic. What is the way out of this trap, this mess?
JLL: There is really no trap, but there is a confrontation with the Trickster, the alien presence in our own minds. Gnostics did not teach that the world, this physical planet and the realm of the senses, is an illusion or a deception. They taught that it is a deep and beautiful mystery, but we are blocked from entering the mystery in depth and in a lucid way by factors in our own minds. The Archons can insinuate their alien intelligence into our minds, but they cannot control or take over our minds by sheer force. However, if we let ourselves fall under their spell, they can entirely rule our minds. This occurs through our abdication of our own consciousness, not through their domination, however. The way out of the trap is to discern what is genuinely human in our minds, and what is inhumane, stupid, mechanical, blind, imitative – in short, we must understand human potential in order to see how it is distorted and subverted. Imagine, for instance, that you never heard Beethoven´s 5th symphony played as it really is, but only a distorted version with the notes totally deformed. You could only know that the music was distorted if you knew the true, undistorted version. Likewise, we must realize our authentic minds, our true human potential, in order to see how we are deviated. This is the challenge of the predators. I have a little phrase for this situation: I say, Human potential comes in a trickster package.
Karmapolis: The “laws” of nature are based on predation and fear. It is in fact the same thing for mankind, even if it is more subtle. Everything is based on duality and struggle. Is it possible that it is due to the influence or the manipulation of the universe by the Archons or the flyers? Without those creatures, is it possible to think that the world could be different, not dualistic and predatory, or do you think that dualism is in the very essence of the universe with or without the Archons?
JLL: This world, meaning life here on the Earth, is actually not as you describe it. The description you propose is already a result of deviant perception. There is as much evidence in nature for symbiosis and cooperation as there is for predation and fear – far more, in fact. The way the Earth works is a symbiotic miracle, and it is a magical event as well, and so there is no question that it is due to “the influence or the manipulation of the universe by the Archons or the flyers.” The Archons influence the way you perceive the world, not the world itself. The primary power in the world we inhabit is the indwelling divinity of the planet, the Gaian intelligence, called Sophia by the Gnostics. If you are aligned to the Gaian intelligence, you do not see the world as a place of fear and predation, but of beauty, bounty, and magic.
Karmapolis: In the Gnostic tradition, “Sophia” is the divine entity who made a mistake and created the universe and the Archons. How can we find and claim the connection with this originator principle and avoid the contact with the Archons?
JLL: One way to reach Sophia is to surrender to the beauty and majesty of nature, to enter the mystical presence of the Earth. In nature the mystical and physical aspects of reality are merged. Beauty is supernatural. The purpose of Gnostic practices and related shamanic methods was to depart (Fr. sortir, hence sorcery) from the human social realm, shed the filters of conditioning, and commune directly with the planetary intelligence, Gaia-Sophia. I believe this was done through temporary dissolution of the ego with the aid and guidance of sacred allies, such as plant-teachers. There is no way to avoid the Archons, but we can build an immunity to them by strengthening our vital bond with Gaia-Sophia, the living planet. The Archons are aliens who alienate us from Gaia.
Precise language is important in the expression of living cosmology. Precise poetic terms, if you will. The Aeon Sophia did not make a mistake and create the universe and the Archons. She acted unilaterally, without pairing with another Aeon, and projected herself beyond the galactic core. Aeons are formless powers in the galactic core of each galaxy. There are many galaxies in the Universe. Sophia did not create the Universe, she emanated the world order we experience as the triple system: sun-moon-earth. Sophia did not make a mistake, but she exaggerated her involvement in her emanation, her Dreaming. Hence, she herself became embodied in her Dreaming. This is a rare event, not typical of the way Aeons operate. As a side effect of her excessive involvement in her Dreaming, Sophia plunged from the galactic core. (Imagine a surge or spike of luminous, foam-like matter from the galactic core into the encircling arms.) The impact she made on the elementary matter in the galactic arms produced an inorganic species, the Archons. The Archons then proceeded to fabricate an inorganic planetary system, a clockwork mechanism. The Earth, the living planet that embodies Sophia, was then captured in that lifeless system. This is the “mistake” – or, better said, the anomaly of our world system.
Karmapolis: In the Gnostic tradition, as I understand it, Sophia (wisdom) is not the only “Godhead” or source of eternity and perfection. Can we compare Sophia to a very sophisticated and elaborate advanced being, some kind of super extraterrestrial intelligence? Or must we admit that the source of everything is not an unique entity but more a polytheistic concept ?
JLL: In Gnostic cosmology, Sophia is an Aeon, a divinity at the cosmic level, but she is not alone. She is part of a company of Aeons, the gods of the Pleroma or Fullness. There are many Pleromas, many galaxies, in the Universe. The Gnostic myth of the Fallen Goddess is about our galaxy and our planet, not the entire Universe. If we do not know what´s happening here, locally, how can we know what´s happening anywhere else in the universe? The test is, to get our story straight, and then go into the larger story.
Due to the peculiar intensity of her Dreaming, Sophia came to be embodied in the planet earth and so She is, for us who inhabit the Earth, the very godhead in which we live. She is the true, living Matrix. Sophia is the Godhead of Nature, theologically speaking. What is She like? This is something we must come to understand by practices, through a path of sacred learning, Gnosis. All the Mysteries were dedicated to knowing Gaia and serving the higher intelligence of the Aeon Sophia. The “source of everything” is a Mystery. Why speculate on what we cannot know when we face the adventure of exploring what we can know?
Karmapolis: Despite the bad rumors and perception around conspiracy theories, what do you think about the other conception of parasitism represented by Branton, David Icke, and the zulu shaman Credo Mutwa, who deeply believe that the parasite is in fact a reptilian entity and that this entity shadows or invades the bodies of the rulers of this world, people like George Bush ?
JLL: I think that we need to train our imaginations to detect the presence of alien entities, and distinguish what is real from what is fantasy. The alchemists had a rule: Proceed according to nature, observing the workings of nature, and perform the Great Work with the true powers of imagination, not with fantasy thinking. This is a matter of discipline we face on the path of heightened perception. I believe that some indigenous sources such as Credo Mutwa have valid things to say about the Archons. At the same time, I suspect that the reptilian scenario is blown out of proportion due to fantasy thinking and mental manipulation. As far as I know, the alien predators called Archons by the Gnostics can take two forms, embryonic (the Grey ETs) and drakonic, a reptilian type, but they cannot and do not possess the bodies of human beings.
There is an element of common sense that must be maintained in considering paranormal and supernatural phenomena. George Bush does not have to be a reptilian to be a monster. We need to recognize that human beings can act in monstrous ways because they are deviated by the reptilian predators, without adopting the fantasy that they are actually turned into reptilians. To me the scenario proposed by Icke and others gives too much power to the predators. How then, can Icke and his witnesses offer first-hand evidence of reptilian shapeshifting? Well, perception is a construct. All perception. Bear in mind that the Archons are masters of virtual reality. In Coptic (the language of the NHC) this is called HAL, “simulation”. Gnostic texts say that the Archons “abduct souls by night.” This is done through virtual reality, VR simulation techniques. Of course, the “VR” of the Archons is as real for them as our earth reality is for us. The difference is, we cannot interact symbiotically with VR. The other difference is, the Archons manipulate inorganic quantum fields, but we manipulate the perceptual bands that shape those fields. Gnostics taught that we are superior to the Archons in thought, perception, and intention.
I would say that these reports are existentially true: the witnesses have perceived shapeshifting, but the perception is an effect of the reptilian powers of VR rather than a genuine phenomenon, an event in nature. Serpents are born from eggs, and they shed skins. This is what nature shows us, and it can tell us something about how reptilians behave if we approach this matter with genuine imagination and not fantasy.
Karmapolis: Some authors (like Paul Von Ward) denounce YHVH or Yahveh as an advanced being, an extraterrestrial entity who wants to rule our world with not really pure and nice intentions. Do you believe that YHVH is an Archon or the representative of the Archons?
JLL: Gnostic texts clearly state that Jehovah is the “Lord Archon,” a reptilian type of alien predator who dominates the hive-mentality of the embryonic or Grey aliens. Jehovah, whom the Gnostics called Yaldabaoth, is truly an extraterrestrial being whose realm is the planetary system independent of the earth, sun and moon. He is not an “advanced being” (i.e., more evolved than humans) but a demented alien with certain superhuman or deific powers. Gnostics taught that Jehovah infects humanity with the belief that he is their creator god, but in fact he cannot create anything. The NHC is very clear that Jehovah-Yaldabaoth is the commander of the Archon species.
Karmapolis: The Gnostics denounce the role of the Archons. Did you find the same kind of warning in other religious traditions ?
JLL: No, I can’t say that I have found this information so clearly and thoroughly stated in other religious traditions. Bear in mind that Gnosis was a path of knowledge, not a religion. The Mysteries were schools of paranormal knowledge, not religious institutions. I am convinced that all religion is a deviant from human potential, but the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are potentially lethal. They lead to terminal deviation of our species. You will not find any religion that warns you that it is dangerous to your mental health and your physical survival. Gnostics saw in salvationist religion both the evidence and instrument of alien intrusion.
Karmapolis: The Gnostic teachings and the Mysteries Schools are the same thing, in our view. Conspiracy theorists like Springmeier and Icke believe that satanic rituals came from mystery schools and think that Mystery Schools are the roots of Satanic and ritual abuses, the Illuminati and the Masonic tradition. How and why do those authors make the relation between mysteries schools, Illuminism and Satanism? Why do they denounce with so much violence both the the Gnostic and Mysteries Schools and Roman Catholic religion, when we know that the Gnostics were persecuted by the Roman Catholics?
JLL: Icke and other conspiracy theorists who propose alien intervention are unfamiliar with the Mysteries, I suspect, for two reasons: first, they do not have direct experience of ego death and instruction by the Light comparable to the experience in the Mysteries, and second, they cannot distinguish the methods and motives of the Illuminati from the genuine Gnostics. The Illuminati were deranged initiates, who had deep knowledge of Mystery practices but misused it to acquire social and political power. The Mystery Schools were not training camps for Illuminati, as Icke believes. This is a grave error on his part. Due to lack of direct experience, Icke and the others are unable to realize that adepts of the Serpent Power (Kundalini) were directly opposed to the Illuminati who made a pact with the reptilian powers. As I have explained in my articles, we are given Kundalini as the force to repel alien intrusion. The benign, healing Serpent is not a reptilian entity but an innate component of our divine biological inheritance. Speculation and research (even research as good as Icke´s) cannot teach us to make such distinctions. Only direct experience can.
Illuminati were strictly forbidden to participate in the Mysteries, once they had been detected. In other words, the Illuminati were practitioners of occult sciences (mainly, imprinting and mind control) who had to be expelled from the Mysteries… but this is a story (an extremely important story, I might add) of which Icke and the others seem to be totally ignorant.
Karmapolis: What are the conceptions of heaven and hell in Gnostic terms?
JLL: There is no conception of heaven and hell in Gnostic teachings.
Karmapolis: Clive Prince and Lynn Pycknett in a book called “The Stargate Conspiracy” denounce the fact that with the New Age, global manipulation will create a syncretism (a mix of Buddhism, Hinduism, and the three religions of the Book), a new one world religion based on old Egyptian cult and the worship of the “Council of the 9.” In this new religion, we find the book the “Keys of Enoch” and people like James Hurtak and Andrea Puharich, the order of Melchisedech (that we find also in the Mormon cult). What do you think about this? Is it another manipulation from the Archons?
JLL: I think all this is a fantasy shared by people desperate for power and spiritual status, and some elements of these scenarios may be affected by Archontic deviation. The challenge in facing the alien Tricksters is to discern what is really deviant and dangerous, by contrast to mere folly and foolishness. There is a lot of foolishness in new world order conspiracy theories. There is a lot of spiritual phoniness and pretence among people who channel “the council of the Nine.” This has been going on for many years now… The problem here is, the fantasy material is like quicksand: you just sink into it and you cannot crawl out. With the clear and precise indications given by Gnostics about the Archons, we can begin to see what is happening in our minds and correct the madness – although we must do this one by one, individually, for we cannot correct the madness in the minds of others.
June 2005 Brussels
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The Tragic Tale of Mary Rose and the Cuddigans

Ten-year old Mary Rose Matthews lost her mother as a very young girl. Her father, a Denver policeman, tried to care for her but was unable to. When he lost his job, he left his little girl in care of neighbors and took off. In April 1883, Mary Rose was taken to St. Vincent’s Orphan Asylum in Denver.

A few months later, in July 1883, she was adopted by Michael and Maggie (or Mary) Cuddigan, a ranching couple who lived about ten miles outside Ouray. Maggie’s brother, John Carroll, also lived and worked on the ranch, and the Cuddigans had a baby boy, Percival. Ouray’s itinerant Catholic priest, Father Robert Servant, brought the young girl to her  new family.

Apparently unknown to Father Servant or the sisters at St. Vincent’s, Michael Cuddigan had a reputation as a drunkard with a violent temper. Over the next couple of months, neighbors noticed changes in Mary Rose’s personality. Instead of winsome, helpful girl that traveled from Denver, she became quiet and haggard. She was often seen with bruises. Unfortunately, nobody took action to find out what was wrong.

On a cold day in January 1884, Mary Rose’s already bad luck took a turn for the worse. On January 13, a hunter found the little girl poorly clothed and unconscious lying in a haystack near the ranch house. He took her to the Cuddingans and left. When neighbors came by the house to visit, the Cuddigans told them that Mary Rose was dead. They claimed she had fallen down some stairs.

The Cuddigans quickly buried the girl in a remote corner of their property. This finally aroused suspicion in the neighbors, and they notified the corner. W.W. Rowan, M.D., exhumed the small body and did a post mortem. Rowan’s testimony at the subsequent inquest horrified the community.

I reside in Ouray. Am 34 years of age and a surgeon and physician by occupation. Have made a post mortem examination on the body of a dead girl about 10 or eleven years of age, name unknown: unclothed the coyd and found both feet frozen, peeling off of the outer skin of both legs and both thighs, showing strong indication of having been frozen: the skin on lower half of right leg peeled off and on the right knee was a cut of two inches over knee cap and three wounds on left thigh with partial discoloration of the skin; on the left hand fingers have been frozen; several wounds on forearm, bruised elbow and considerable discoloration of arm: on the right hand her four fingers and thumb had been frozen completely to the second joint with number of wounds to the right arm; on the forehead a little to the left of center, found she had received a severe blow by some blunt instrument: also on the rear portion of head found a very large wound, about the size of a silver dollar, caused by some blunt instrument.  

I opened the skull and found the posterior of the brain considerably engorged with a very large clot of blood weighing about 15 grains, which, to the best of my knowledge and belief, and from the impoverished condition of the body from treatment received, did cause the death of the deceased.

Several neighbors, although obviously too late to help the little girl, testified on Mary Rose’s behalf at the inquest. A man named C.R. Brandenberry said:

About eight or ten days ago I went to Cuddigan’s ranch for the purpose of hunting stray cattle. Saw this child on the hay stack; she crawled by [unreadable] her hands were [unreadable] up and she did not seem to notice anything; her face was bruised, also the back of her head. D.S.Duffield was with me: we thought she looked strange and spoke of it afterwards. It was a very cold day. 

Another neighbor, L.B. Montgomery, testified: “I own a ranch about a mile and a quarter west of Cuddigan’s: went to his place about one month ago on business: saw this girl washing dishes: noticed she was acting strangely: Spoke of it afterwards: saw her face bruised; am nearly certain she was barefooted: she seemed very dull of comprehension.

The coroner’s jury ruled that Michael Cuddigan, Maggie Cuddigan and Maggie’s brother, John Carroll, had killed Mary Rose. Sheriff Rawles arrested the trio and held them under heavy guard a the Delmonico Hotel, which stood at the time on Main Street in Ouray between Fourth and Fifth Avenues. At the time, Mrs. Cuddigan was many months pregnant and “would soon have become a mother.”

During the investigation into Mary Rose’s death, the coroner opened the doors and allowed the public in to view the child’s battered and frost-bitten body. Not surprisingly–and perhaps for some out of a sense of guilt at their own inaction–feelings among the townsfolk ran high against the prisoners. In his usual style, David Day of the Solid Muldoon wrote scathing editorials against the prisoners. He was later accused of suggesting “that lynching was the proper thing to do.”

Several days later, on January 18th, just past midnight, a mob of masked men powered their way past guards at the Delmonico and took all three prisoners. A reporter described what happened next:

Guards had been posted [by the mob] at various points along the streets, and all who came out into the street were ordered to return, which they did. Mike Cuddigan and Mary [Maggie?] Cuddigan were hurried down Third Street, pleading and begging piteously for mercy until Tommy Andrew’s cabin was reached, where the avengers halted. The rope was placed around Cuddigan’s neck and he was swung up to the ridge pole of the cabin, while a small tree just across the road was converted into a gallows for Mary Cuddigan. 

After lynching Michael Cuddigan, the mob took the pregnant Mrs. Cuddigan to the tree across the road and lynched her. This was the first time a woman was lynched in Colorado.

The fate of John Carroll was a bit less harsh:

After Cuddigan and his wife were strung up, John Carroll, a brother of Mrs. Cuddigan, and who had been charged with being one of the murderers of little Mary Rose Matthews, was taken in a buggy and driven several miles out of town. They then stopped and were soon joined by several others of masked vigilantes who rode on horseback. That the mob was cool and conservative and intelligent is shown in Carroll’s case. They had hung Cuddigan and his wife because they considered there was no doubt of their guilt. There was some question of Carroll’s guilt. However, they had taken Carroll to a more secluded spot where they would more fully investigate his complicity. Carroll pleaded piteously for his life. He said he was not at the Cuddigan ranch on the night of the murder, had not been there for several days, and could not therefore be held in any way responsible for the crime. He said he knew about the murder, but made himself an accessory after the act by keeping it quiet, simply for the protection of his sister. 

Despite his pleas, the vigilantes strung him up. However, they had a change of heart and lowered him to the ground. Apparently deciding that the law no longer wanted him, they set him free on his word that he would never return to the area.

After the lynching, the mob put their handiwork on display in Ouray. The Leadville Herald reported, “The bodies of Cuddigan and wife were lying side by side today and were visited by hundreds of people. There features are terribly distorted, even showing that they had died a horrible death from strangulation.” Also on display was Mary Rose’s miserable bed, consisting of four sacks of gunny sacks basted together, nothing more. Both sides of the gunny sacks were blood stained.”

Newspapers reported that the Cedar Hill Cemetery refused to take the bodies. Michael Cuddigan’s brothers also refused to have anything to do with it. Finally, the coroner had the Cuddigans buried on their ranch.

A few locals spoke up in defense of the Cuddigans, saying that they were a well-known and respectable ranching couple. The Catholic priest, Father Servant, who had given Mary Rose to the Cuddigans, reportedly refused to officiate at the couple’s funeral. However, the man described as a “little French priest” spoke up sharply against the lynch mob. Folks in Ouray didn’t care for the rebuke, so they circulated a petition inviting him to leave. He refused.

Some folks were horrified at the lynching of a woman–particularly a woman in the advanced state of pregnancy. However, most were so disgusted by what had been done to Mary Rose that they openly approved of the lynching. This latter group included a physician who examined Mary Rose’s body. Dr. B.S. Tedmon wrote a shocking letter to the Fort Collins Courier:

While I believe in law and justice as the proper method to determine the amount of punishment to be inflicted for most crimes, I must surely claim, after a personal examination of the victim this morning…I can now see how the people of Ouray were justified in hanging the Cuddigan fiends. And I believe could you have stood with we and seen the lacerated, bruised, cut, and frozen form of the once beautiful and innocent child, you would say that hanging was too easy, too mild a punishment for such wretches. 

Tedmon went on to describe Mary Rose’s injuries in horrifying detail, concluding the description with, “And to this the fact as given by several physicians upon examination that the child had been outraged by Cuddigan himself.

The Denver News echoed other statements made by Dr. Tedmon, that the act of the lynch mob was in direct response to the fact that the justice system in Colorado wasn’t sufficiently strict:

The cure, in a large measure rests with our courts and juries. They have been too lax in the judgment of men who have committed murder. Not one conviction for murders in the first degree has been recorded in this Sate for fifty cold-blooded murders committed. A feeble prosecution, a strong defense, and an easy-going jury can always be relied upon to save a murderer from the gallows under the present system of administering the criminal code in Colorado. 

Mob violence is dangerous and disgraceful to the State, but it is encouraged, and to the unthinking, it is in some measure justified, by the failure of the justice in our courts.

Mary Rose was briefly reburied in Ouray but was once more dug up and carted off to Denver, where her decaying remains were once again put on display for the gawkers of Denver to see. Finally, little Mary Rose was put to rest in Denver.

No one was ever arrested for the lynchings.


Percival Cuddigan was raised by Michael Cuddigan’s brother, Henry. Michael and Maggie Cuddigan’s estate was put in trust for the boy. The 1900 and 1910 census records show him living in Ridgway with his cousin Charley Kelley.

In 1902, the St. Vincent’s Orphan Asylum in Denver burned down. All two hundred children were rescued.

Over the years, a number of area residents have reported the sight of a beaten waif of a girl, usually alongside a road or near a barn. But when they tried to reach out to her, she always disappeared.


delmonico hotel 1890Notorius San Juans

View of Ouray (Ouray County), Colorado. Shows dirt streets, the Beaumont Hotel, the school, houses, commercial and civic buildings. A sign reads: “Del Monico.” The Amphitheater, a glacial cirque, is in the distance.



– David Rockefeller

ShadowRing will offer an academic, objective review of the history of The Council on Foreign Relations (America’s hidden Oligarchy) and their objectives such as:

  • Our interventionist foreign policy and the “false flags” used to entangle us in wars: (e.g., the Maine, Lusitania, foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Gulf, and unverified WMDs in Iraq).
  • “Free Trade” policy and how institutions like NAFTA and the World Trade Organization send jobs overseas as well as encroaching on our national sovereignty.
  • How the federal powers granted under the Patriot Act are creating a surveillance age that threatens our freedom and who really runs the U.S. Presidents and their administrations no matter which political party is in power



Metanoia: A transformative change of heart.

<p><a href=”″>Jeff Lowe's Metanoia (Teaser)</a> from <a href=”″>Jeff Lowe</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

steve house jeff lowe's metanoia

Steve House

“The purpose of life is to do the best with what you have. The value is found in how well you handle each situation, each moment.” #JeffLowe (imperfectly quoted) from the #metanoia film which I viewed last night with 250 other rapt viewers in #Ouray. Thank You Jeff for all the inspiration.

Here on a summit in my home mountains a few days ago, searching for my own metanoia moment. Aren’t we all?

The Grave Misfortune of Kid Adams, the Ouray Highwayman

One of the old stage routes in Ouray region was the run between the Camp Bird Mine and Ouray. Sometimes called the Sneffels stage, it operated every day except Sunday. Known to carry a treasure box full of gold bullion from the Camp Bird mill, it ran without incident for a year before it proved an irresistible draw to bandits. On Monday, October 2, 1899, the stage stopped at the mill and picked up two days of output bullion, worth from $6,000 to $10,000 ($153,000 to $254,000) depending on how you calculate inflation. James Knowles of the Camp Bird accompanied the bullion, and a second guard, Pat Hennesey, rode behind on horseback. W.W. Almond drove the stage. As usual, they stashed the loot in an iron box beneath the driver’s seat.

The stage hadn’t been going long when a man jumped out from a bank of willows and pointed a Winchester at the stage driver, commanding him to put up his hands. A second man materialized in front of Hennesey’s horse and ordered him to dismount. Although Hennesey had a .45 revolver hidden inside his coat, he found opportunity to use it.

The bandits both wore slouch hats, and their clothing were smeared with dust. Black masks with large eyeholes covered their faces. They ordered the three men to lie down with their faces in the dirt. The first bandit stood guard while the second rummaged through the stage. He grabbed mail pouches and baggage but somehow failed to get the gold. It wasn’t clear whether he couldn’t get the box opened or simply believed Almond’s story that they weren’t carrying any bullion that day.

The bandits told the men to get back on the stage and take off. Then they stole Hennesey’s horse and rode away with the mail pouch and minor items from the stage. Later, a man in the area reported that he was robbed of his horse around that time by two masked in in ann excited frame of mind.

As soon as the victims reached Ouray, the called backed to the Camp Bird and Revenue mines. Though everyone was relieved that nobody was hurt and the bullion was safe, posses quickly formed at the mines and headed off in pursuit. The victims had seen the bandits head in Edgar, Under-Sheriff McQuilken and City Marshal O.C. Van Houton in Ouray also formed posses.

Camp Bird manager J.W. Benson offered $1,000 reward for the apprehension of the bandits. Inspired by the reward, numerous miners and mill workers in the region quit work and took off in search of the robbers.

That same evening, the Camp Bird posse located  the highwaymen camped at Yankee Boy Basin. A gunfight ensued, but the bandits escaped. It was dark, and the posse pursued only briefly.

The next day, Sheriff Edgar and his men spotted the fugitives eleven miles from Ridgway. The posse gave chase, and a running fight ensued, with both parties shooting each other. The two bandits made for a tree-covered mountainside, but a horse stumbled and fell, dumping a bandit and his rifle. The man managed to mount again quickly and he vanished among the trees again, leaving behind a broken Winchester. He still apparently had a six-shooter. The bandits separated and disappeared.

A different version of this escape had a horse and rider making a suicidal leap into a box canyon and vanishing. This story came from the editor of the Silverite-Plaindealer, F.J. Hulaniski, who went into great detail describing this own heroic entry into the chase, a daring adventure during which he was pitched off his mount, making a “hasty visit to the clouds.” With unabashed enthusiasm, he described his horse as a “cross between a trick mule and a Texas bronco, [sic]” who “turned forward and backward somersaults [sic] with much ease, pitched in all languages, come down stiff legged like an educated steam pile-driver, and went out of one fit into another.”

Apparently, despite the less-than-spectacular haul of of robbery, just about every able-bodied male in the San Juans had set out to join the fun of chasing these bandits.

The Silverite-Plaindealer went on to describe a Tuesday night spent standing guard duty “without closing an eye or moving from one post assigned by the sheriff, who, with all the others, did likewise. The night was dark and cold, mountain lions, wolves, and wild cats prowled and yelled, the and taken as a whole was no picnic.” In a perplexing contradiction, the Ouray Herald reported on that Tuesday, Edgar and his posse gave up the search and headed back down the mountain to refresh themselves with some hot supper.

Meanwhile, the stagecoach driver, W.W. Almond, also a member of some posse or other, had told authorities that he believed he recognized the voice and clothing of one of the bandits as a young man known as Ouray as “Kid Adams.” He said that, prior to the robbery, Kid Adams had been hanging around the village of Sneffels (today a ghost town) with another man, acting, “in a very suspicious manner.”

On Thursday, the bandits were still scarce. Mr. Benson of the Camp Bird declared he would spare no expense in their capture, and local papers reassured their readers that the highwayman were cornered. A chorus of voices declared that they would take the men dead or alive.

By Friday, the second bandit had been identified as Ed Perry. Before switching to stage coach robbery, Perry had been painting the Camp Bird boarding house. He had also worked as a painter in Silverton and other San Juan towns. Papers reported that he was known as an OK fellow and that his partner had turned him bad.

Kid Adams also went be the name of John Carter. The Silverite-Plaindealer described him as “young, small in stature, and an all-round tough character, desperate, unscrupulous, and possessing the nerve of a hardened pirate.” He has also been working at the Camp Bird as a laborer on the mine dump, a job that presumably gave him opportunity to case the area.

At some point during the next few days, Ed Perry appeared at a place called Netherely’s ranch where he ate supper and spent the night. A posse nearly nabbed him, but he heard them coming and escaped. Two ranch hands followed him to the Montrose area and notified the authorities. Meanwhile, a Montrose sheriff encountered Perry at a creek with the latter was cooling his heels, literally, in the fresh mountain water. The sheriff did not arrest him, a story that inspired much irate grumbling among Montrose citizens. When the sheriff returned later with reinforcements, Perry had gone. The Montrose sheriff’s department later defended themselves, saying the sheriff did not know who Perry was when he first encountered him.

By Saturday, the reported value of the gold that the robbers overlooked had nearly doubled.

That same day, the saga turned much more serious. Deputy Sheriff George Kinchen of the San Miguel County wired Sheriff Edgar, asking him about the reward and requesting an arrest warrant for Adams. Several days later, he sent the following wire: “I have killed John Carter [Kid Adams], will be in Placerville tomorrow morning with the body–answer if I shall ship remains to Ouray.”

Before taking his last breath, the Kid had told Kinchen his name was John Carter and that his parents lived in Texas. The story that later emerged that he wasn’t John Carter from Texas but Walter Adams from a local family. His father was identified as the late James S. Adams, a prominent cattleman who had run a ranch located between Montrose and Delta.

After some delay, the body finally arrived in Ouray. Newspapers reported gruesome details about the condition of the Kid–that he was “shot clear through the middle of the body, and the whole top of the head is shot away by a revolver ball.” Deputy Kinchen described what happened for several reporters. He said he learned that the Kid had been spotted heading down Disappointment Creek in San Miguel County. Kinchen followed that trail to Jim Mair’s cattle ranch on lower Disappointment, which is where he found him, apparently working with Mairs.

Kinchen approached the ranch house and chatted with the men, pretending to be looking to buy some cattle. Mairs invited him in for supper and to spend the night. The Kid was watching him closely and Kinchen noted that he was armed.

At some point, Kinchen confided his intentions to one of the other men. Around ten o’clock at night, he judged the time right, pulled his gun on the Kid and told him to surrender. The Kid jumped away and pulled his gun, and the two men began firing at each other. During the gunfight, Kinchen and the other two men fled the cabin, leaving the Kid alone inside. Half an hour late, the men outside heard a shot.

They waited until the next morning before entering, when they discovered the Kid had shot himself in the head.

The coroner held an inquest and officially confirmed Kinchen’s story.

Despite the coroner’s ruling, rumor quickly circulated that Kinchen had murdered the Kid in cold blood. Folks complained that Walter Adams was only twenty-one years old and from a respected Colorado family. The Aspen Tribune also reported Undertaker James Pierson of Ouray as saying, “I have given the cause of death, murder. This is my privilege. The Kid didn’t get any money; neither did he kill anyone and he was shot in the back. His hair was not burned by powder. He did wrong but he should have been taken to Cañon City alive instead of dead.”

Dr. Hamilton Fish, who examined the body, said that a piece of the brain and skull were missing and attributed this to an autopsy, though no autopsy had been held. The Aspen Tribune reported a rumor that someone had tampered with the body to conceal the fact that his skull had been crushed, though it wasn’t clear why someone would do that.

Kinchen admitted that his bullet had hit the Kid in the back and come out the stomach. He responded to the attacks with this indignant offer: “Who dares say I killed the Kid in cold blood? He can meet me at any time with any weapon and have it out.”

Kinchen did have his supporters; some insisted that the Kid was a “tough character’ and would have killed Kinchen if he could. In Ouray, according to the Silverite-Plaindealer, “Some irresponsible idiot went so far this week as to post notice on a telegraph pole near the post office offering ‘$1,000 reward for the scalf pf Mr. Benson and $1500 reward for Deputy Kinchen, dead or alive. Marshal Van Houten very properly tore it down.”

Either way, Kinchen collected his reward and quickly left town.

A couple of months later, A Telluride Journal reported said he had spoken to a man who was in the Disappointment cabin at the time of the shooting. The unarmed man told the reported that it was the “merest accident that Adams didn’t get the deputy” and that Adams fired first. Adams had also apparently boasted about robbing the Union Pacific the previous summer and that he had shot a Wyoming sheriff.

On Saturday night, October 14, 1899, twelve days after the robbery, the stepmother of Kid Adams, Mrs. Lucy Adams Whipple, arrived in Ouray to take charge of the remains. Walter’s mother, Emma Frazier Adams, had died when he was very young, and his father had remarried when Walter was seven. The father, James Adams, had died a few years earlier, and Lucy kept in her care the remaining Adams children, two of whom were hers. In June 1898, Lucy Adams married Don Whipple.

Apparently overcome with grief over the death of her stepson, she described him as a “reckless, good-hearted fellow, with a dare-devil disposition, and has never been in serious trouble but once before.” She admitted he held up a stage in March 1898 at Meeker at Routt County. Drunk at the time, Walter made the driver dance and sing and drink whiskey before Walter took off empty handed, having made no attempt to actually rob the stage. Authorities arrested him but let him go because he was so young.

Lucy Whipple took his remains to Cañon City where one of his relative was a retired Baptist preacher. Walter was buried beside his parents.

While all this was going on, another young man of quite a different sort involved himself in the Kid Adams story. Dr. Alexander J. McIvor-Tyndall, dubbed the “highest authority on science” of palm reading and author of an upcoming book on the subject, had been giving private readings in Room 24 at Ouray’s Beaumont Hotel. He was described by an enthusiastic Ouray reporter as “a man of superlative intelligence, a bright conversationalist, and a deep thinker on scientific subjects.”

The Silverite-Plaindealer hired McIvor Tyndall to do a reading on Kid Adams. The palmist took an impression from the dead man’s hand, which was printed in large form on the front page of the paper. The scientist first offered several remarks about the shape of Walter’s nose, forehead and earlobes, which apparently indicated that he was a desperado. As for Walter’s palm, “the head line…is short, erratic, crooked and indirect. It is much like the headline of a natural lunatic. Dr. McIvor-Tyndall went on to make a dire prediction about the late Walter Adam’s fate: “A distorted and intense imagination, a misdirected ambition and an unreasoning will are the prominent features of this hand. But the unfortunate position of the lines of life, head, and heart presage grave misfortune.”

There were no further notices about the fate of the other robber, Ed Perry.

mill at camp bird mine

Mill at the Camp Bird Mine, shown here in 1940. The Camp Bird cranked out plenty of temptation for bandits.

Notorius San Juans


– David Rockefeller

ShadowRing will offer an academic, objective review of the history of The Council on Foreign Relations (America’s hidden Oligarchy) and their objectives such as:

  • Our interventionist foreign policy and the “false flags” used to entangle us in wars: (e.g., the Maine, Lusitania, foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Gulf, and unverified WMDs in Iraq).
  • “Free Trade” policy and how institutions like NAFTA and the World Trade Organization send jobs overseas as well as encroaching on our national sovereignty.
  • How the federal powers granted under the Patriot Act are creating a surveillance age that threatens our freedom and who really runs the U.S. Presidents and their administrations no matter which political party is in power.